Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's Get Lost.

Well I don't know where I'll go now, and I don't really care who follows me here. But I'll burn every bridge that I cross, and find some beautiful place to get lost. Sometimes, really, is funny how music speaks to you. Or your character, for that fact. Hard to explain, but I guess that's the mood of the day, and it's passing over to my blog. Oh noes! At any rate, it kind of fits the picture.. crossing and burning bridges, to get to a beautiful place.

But.. if you are going to cross a bridge, you have to do it in style. Yes! Normally, I'm not one for pastels, I find they wash out the skin, and make you look too.. kiddish, however, it's Easter time, or close to it, so.. in the spirit of Easter, on to show off some pastels, and this little number by limited bazaar is perfect! They have one in blue, and another in purple, I decided to go pinkish because.. I rarely do, I love the small embroidered detail on it.. or structural detail I guess you could call it. I only wish it was slightly mapped out on the actual dress, instead of just drawn, so you could have a lot more dimension on the dress, as of right now.. unless you cam very very close.. it kind of gets lost in the dress. However, still adorable. In more Limited Bazaar news, this cute little jewelry set is actually Alice in Wonderland themed. And.. well, i'm going to admit. I'm a sucker for anything Disney.. so.. of course I had to rush and get it! I loved the aged feel to it, very vintage style, and the cute little picture on the watch. Totally had to have it, and it's limited, so rush and get it guys! I paired it off with a cardigan from TokiD, because.. well, layering.. always helps create the outfit, and give it a you flair, and some Gos boutique shoes.. because.. I'm totally in love with TokiD. The hair is from Exile, and found it really gave a feel of innocence and effortless to the outfit.


Skin: -Glam Affair - Zara - America 02 RED for Skin Fair
Hair: ::Exile:: American Woman:Teak
Jewelry: MiWardrobe - The Alice`s Tea Complete set for Limited Bazaar
Dress: Fleshtone::MacDress [Pink] for Limited Bazaar
Cardigan: (TokiD) summer nights cardigan (grey)
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Mae Platform - Black
Pose: (.:Poison:.) NID

Friday, March 22, 2013

Colourless Colour

Once in fashion, soon to be rediscovered.

It's been a while. I know. Real life and Second Life both have been kicking my ass. Inspiration was gone, and I struggled a bit to find my ground again, but.. fear not! I'm back, and bringing in the fashion and awesomeness all over again. Once in fashion, and soon to be seen.

So, enough with the crap, let's get right into it, because.. I think I might have lost my voice again. But.. my fashion tastes is still full gear, and full out. Have you guys checked out Maitreya as of recently? Dear God, I'm totally in love with this dress. So simple, so sexy, and so much statement in one piece, I'm completely head over heels with it. Also, new, is this skin by Maitreya, for the skin fair. I'm loving it. I'm a huuuge fan of Maitreya, and after feeling like someone looked like a clone of me, I had to do something drastic. After buying.. I believe.. 20 skins? I finally found one that totally fits me, and rocks! And finally, in newness news, these shoes by Gos Boutique. I'm a huge fan of Gos boutique. I do love prim feet, really, but one of my pet peeves was always trying to match it to the skin. It's amazing that someone finally heard us out, and created an easy system that has the major skins in sl one clique away, just.. log to your site, pick the skin, and voila, it's all matched for you. No pain, no headaches. No raging. And these shoes.. seriously.. so sexy.

So, I wanted to create a very effortless rock chick look. Classy, sexy, and still looks like you can rock it. I loved the Ariel hairstyle from Lelutka, because.. even though it's from their fairy tale collection, it still looks like you're about to rock some socks off. The bracelet is by Noodles, and I'm sorry, I'm never taking it off. I love it, and it took forever to complete it, and it's by far my favorite piece of jewelry ever. Because I'm a dork. You can try your lock at the Arcade to get all the charms for this amazing little piece! Leggings are the half legging, half leather leggings from Milk motion. I always wanted to have a good outfit to rock them out with, since they're so edgy, and in this outfit, it fits like a glove. Finally added the edgier piece of Maxi Gossamer collection in my inventory, and what you have is this. Badass, but classy. Totally love this.


Skin: -Glam Affair - Zara - America 10 RED for Skin Fair
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cloud
Hair: [LeLutka]-ARIEL hair - Praline
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Arial Lost Angel
Dress: Maitreya Dakota Dress * Thistle Brushed-Chiffon
Bracelet: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold at The Arcade
Leggings: (Milk Motion) half leather leggings
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Angelina Peeptoe - Black Python
Pose: (marukin) [dolce] kawa


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