Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've Got to Remeber This is Just a Game...

I've always loved 30 Seconds to Mars. Their music is so ... calming and at the same time motivating. Odd. But the song "It's a Beautiful Lie" Reminds me of this pixelated world we all live in. It's a Beautiful lie, the perfect denial, we get lost in this world.. but at the end, we have to remember that it's just a game.

Ok, so that's it for my musical note and feeling for the day, I did this shoot centered around this song. I wanted something a little darker to go along with this new awesome outfit from Plastik for Lazy Sunday.. and I found this pose set with the bird from Ploom, and just added it all together to create a darker/melancholic type feel to it.

Oh, Also! I was thinking of adding another section of the blog for cool finds to take pictures at. Picturesque places and what not.. So, make sure to drop a comment and let me know! If it's so, then I can compile a list and keep it active through my travels in SL. I know that many good bloggers, photographers, and lovers of SL art and fashion like to see new places, so, I guess let me know! Drop a comment, and voila.

Let's dive right into the fashion, shall we? So.. I'm still wearing my Exile hair today because I do love it, and I wanted to show just how versatile it is. It can have a very loving/romantic feel to it.. or it can have more of a normal feel to it, or whatever it is you pair it with, like I have today.

Clothes.. There is a new release from Insatiable Fashions, which is the bra that I'm wearing on the first picture. I completely love it! I think also paired with a blazer and showing or something, it would also look adorable. Maybe I'll try it out next post! The bra also comes with a cute little black thong.

Lazy Sunday is out, and I'm digging this outfit they came up with! The Corsair outfit comes with the pants, shirt, and shoes! The shoes are with prim feet, so you will have to fidget around with it to get the colors right, but all in all, love! They also have a cute little dress out, and the same outfit as I'm wearing, except this time with yellow'ish top.

Don't forget to let me know what you think about the whole SIM list of prettiness! <3


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Honeycomb
Hands:  Slink Mesh Hand Casual R and Slink Mesh Hand Mouse L
Bra: [Insatiable Fashions] {Bra} Lace Seduction - [Aquamarine]
Outfit: :[Plastik]:-LazySundays://Corsair Outfit
Necklace: (Yummy) Featherweight Necklace
Poses: Ploom: The Silence (Bird Included)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

All I Want Is You

Today's my birthday, and first official day back from Orlando. So no more crappy laptop, no more difficult graphics to work with, just pure awesomeness. Yay! Update on my grandmother, she's doing much better, but sadly, she does have a mass in her stomach the size of a soccer ball, and it is malignant, meaning it's a cancer tumor. Now, because of her age, she can't go through chemo, nor can she handle a major surgery to remove it, so the only course of action doctors have is to give her radiology treatment to stop the growth. She's going for a totally of 18 rounds, she's got 14 left, I think. Meanwhile the mass is pressing against her lungs, and heart, making it difficult for her to breath, or move. Her lungs are producing a lot of liquid, and she's getting drained every other day, around 500-1000 mL each time, so she's in home hospice now. However, she's the strongest woman that I've ever met. At 90, she's not complaining of pain, or anything, she has a strong will, and is stubborn as ever. She says her legacy has been to "Make the bad good, and the good better." To this day she keeps fighting and being strong, and defying every single diagnosis and prognosis thrown at her. God is working a miracle, and I ask that if you believe, you pray for her so that she can still keep this attitude and strength. So, that's where I've been for the last two weeks, hence the lack of activity in both SL and the blog, though I did try to keep up with it while she took naps. Not too well.

Any who, now that explanations are out of the way, I'm doing a quick little post before I go out to celebrate birthday time. Woo! So, TDR is out, and I'm loving milk motion boots, and the Label Motion Pose set that they're selling, so for sure worth a check up at the TDR round up for the week. Auxiliary is also there with the cute little corset that I'm wearing, and I'm a huge fan of that set, I think I have the monochromatic tones of it that I got during the black friday set.

Exile, new release! Normally I'm not a huge fan of accessories in the hair, like flowers, or sea shells or what not. I love bows, scarves, and hats and the sort, but not like.. you know, that kind of additives and stuff. But this hair style is soooo sweet, love how it cascades and with the flowers it gives a truly romantic feel that I completely love.

Finally, Decoy is having a sale until 30th, with some /free/ fatpacks! The jeans I'm wearing are totally and completely free, for a fat pack! And I believe there's also a huge sale going on. Everything in the store is 50% down from the original price. Seriously, RUN! Hair, clothes, shoes, amazing quality and free fat packs, and it's only until the 30th! You only have like six days. RUN!


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde
Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Honeycomb
Necklace: (Yummy) Miss Havisham's Broken Heart
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual R and Slink Mesh Hand Mouse L
Tank: Jane intrinsic tank cream 
Corset:  [Auxiliary] Grimm Corset Antique for TDRB
Jeans: [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans - Black
Boots: (Milk Motion) leather gaiter boots black/camel for TDRB
Pose: Label Motion- The Last TDRB - Label Motion

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Come Morning Light, You and I Will Be Safe and Sound

So, I suppose to all of you American peep, Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been working all day cooking, an on the free time doing the pictures and what not, and helping grandma.... it's been a long day! But fear not! We still ave your taste of daily fashion coming your way!

So, I do love League Skins.. I love them, adore them, the're awesome, but did you know that better than skins, they have awesome clothes? And a free gift scarf.. that's is to die for? I wanted to make a very fall friendly outfit to highlight Thanksgiving without looking like.. well, you know, a pilgrim or an Indian  So I made a cute fall friendly outfit, and I also paired it with a bit of a sagittarius theme, because... My birthday is in two days, and I can. If Thanksgiving has stolen my birthday a couple times, I can steal Thanksgiving too! Suck it, Thanksgiving. On a side note: I've outlawed turkey from the house during Thanksgiving. I el like the Grinch. Bwahahaha.

On to a serious note, I blogged the poses yesterday, or one of them, but I'm so in love, I added another couple of them to today's post. The poses are ready to be bought at the Zodiac event, so go get them while you can, they're for sure worth, and something you can use for different themes in your photos.

Skins, Yes, I'm a skin freak, and I ave about a zillion and one of them, and always looking for the next big thing. Today I have Loomi skins, which are awesome. Don't forget to visit the store and pick up a couple of these amazing skins, the detail and highlighting on them is amazingballs.

Last but not least, new release from Wasabi Pills, and I"m a sucker for bangs. My face doesn't fit them in RL, so I always tend to go for bang styles in SL, and the brains.. yes, I'm a sucker for braids too, so they nailed this style for me. It's 250L, and available now at the main store.


Skin: LoOmi - Estelle - soft 2
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair - Lemon tea
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Freckles:[PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture
Scarf: *League* Snood -Paisley (spine)
Necklace:*League* Dipped Feather Necklace Gold-Brown Cord [Fit 4]
Top: *League* Trapeze Tank -Off White
Shorts: League Booty-Shorts~Light Blue
Tights:*League* Folklore Leggings -Navajo
Boots: *League* Dhara Boots -Biscuit
Bracelets: [EY:NO] Leaf Bangles (Autumn)
Poses: Huntress Set for the Zodiac (Hopscotch)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Going in For the Kill

And I'm doing it for a thrill, I'm hoping you'll understand... and not let go of my hand.

I kept singing that song in my mind the whole time I was doing this shot, why? Because La Roux is awesome! And it was better than the normal sappy songs that I go for.. sorry, but I'm an emotional person with great fashions sense. Deal with it.

Any who! This is a special sneak peek at one of the many poses from the Zodiac that Hopscotch is doing. The Zodiac this time around will be sagittarius, which I'm uber excited about, since I'm a sagittarius and all. So yay! My birthday is on Saturday. I accept checks and credit cards. Kidding! Love you all, but yeah, you should know by now I have a crazy sense of humor. Anyways, I'm totally in love with these poses, and they come with their own bow, there's two sets for men, and two for women. Adorable as can be.

Also, if you haven't heard, Auxiliary is having a black Friday sale. Le gasp at this, I'm about to pee myself from the excitement. So going and wiping out the whole store, I love all of Tyr's designs, ever since she had the Tyranny Designs shop ages ago. So... For sure an event that I'm not going to miss. Make sure to stop by there Friday! You'll regret it if you don't. Note on this though, sale does /not/ include gatcha items. In celebration of this awesome sale, I've put together a little outfit highlighting some of my favorite pieces by Tyr, and Auxiliary.

I also used one of the new leggings from the new release of TuttiFrutti. I always say that you can't have enough leggings. I live by this philosophy in RL and SL. They'r the perfect way to accessorize your legs, make that slutty short skirt passable, and keep warm. Gift from the heavens. And hey, as a girl... if you forget to shave... perfect way to hide it. So, leggings are always a must, and the new styles and patterns by TuttiFrutti is a great addition to your wardrobe.

And now, I go back for the hunt.


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde (Che
Hair: >TRUTH< Adeline w/Roots - tahiti
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Glasses: {mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Black
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant
Top: [Auxiliary] Mullet - Extra Small - - Purple
Skirt: [Auxiliary] Alluring Mini *Mesh*
Leggings: *TuttiFrutti* Ronja (golden) 
Shoes: [Gos] Hunter Ankle Boot - Base
Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* Zodiac - The Huntress - 3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Transit

I love NYC, and what I love more about NYC is melancholic songs about NYC. And if there's something that we all know is that It's Hard to Live in the City.

Fashion, love, fast pace, taxis, metro, subways, people, and money, that's what NYC city is all about. Sprinkle it with art and mystique and you've got yourself the real NYC that we all love. I've always been drawn to that city for whatever reason, so when I made this outfit, all I could think of was sitting down in Central Park with a Starbucks' Spiced Pumpkin Latte, and a good read, and relax back by the Fountain, or overlooking the lake, with the magnificent city surrounding me.

Sadly, I can't do this in the Real World, but I can recreate it in SL.. somewhat... while I drink my Pumpkin Latte in real life. Seems close enough.

So what goodies do we have his time around?

First off, the Around the World Fair is still going on, and this little Anastacia Dress by Sassy! is just to die for! I want to go back and get it in every color! Totally love it. Then we pair it off with some leggings by Tutti Frutti, which these are from one of the newest releases by them, and we have a killer outfit. Finish it off with the Hunter Boots from Gos.... and yeah, you'll have something just edgy enough, and still classy.


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde (Chest D)
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: >TRUTH< Adeline w/Roots - tahiti
Glasses: {mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Black
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1
Necklace:*League* 3Vintage Necklaces -Working Clock (chest)
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Anastasia dress Plum for Around the World (Russia)
Leggings:*TuttiFrutti* Rainy Day
Shoes: [Gos] Hunter Ankle Boot - Hazel
Poses: Bent- Lookbook Set for Fair

Monday, November 19, 2012

Twisted, I Am Twisted Up In You.

So, I'm still out of town, and taking care of my grandma, so sorry about the quality of pictures, and the fact that I'm not posting as often as I usually do, I just don't feel right forgetting you guys!

So, I think you guys might have heard about this cute little store called Intrepid. It is absolutely amazing with lots of mesh goodness. I found them in the Around the World Event, over in the Australian part of the exhibit, which, by the way, I'm not the biggest fan of Australia, but those tie up shirts are a must! Any who! I went to check out the store, and got this very classy number dress that  absolutely just fell in love with.

Also, Fair is out with their new collections, and the pose set by Di's closet and by Bent! Is a must. I'm using a couple of the Bent poses here because I'm absolutely in love with them.

Normally, I'd do more talking about all of this, but I'm so tired, that I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. <3


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde (Chest D)
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog Shadows
Hair: [elikatira] Conclusion - Blonde 07
Necklace: *League* 3Vintage Necklaces -Working Clock (chest)
Dress: Intrepid:: Ellegio [Red]
Shoes: [celoe] xylia pumps shadow
Poses: Bent Lookbook 5 and 13

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Help! I Have Done It, Again.

So, another day has fallen, and I think it's time for another entry! So.. what to share with all you lovies today?

First off, you all know I do adore my Essences skin, and Loomi, and WoW, and Mother Goose. However, I'm always looking for change, and evolution, and that's when I decided to pay a visit to *League* and I totally fell in love with their skins! I didn't mean for it to happen, it just kind of did...

Then, browsing around I found an amazing little store, J'Adore, which, well, is exactly what I did, I fell in love with this store and I can honestly say that I love J'Adore.. or j'adore J'adore? I think my French teacher just turned on his sleep or something.. Any who! I don't wear Lola's myself, or any prim attachment, but, I do have to give it to the makers of Lola's, the fact that you can buy a skin applier, or clothes applier for it, it's quite amazing, and J'Adore makes appliers for your big Lola's if you have them, or just plain flat chested like myself, either way, it's still a good texture combination, and amazing little outfit I could pull together. The top can be used alone as a long dress, or something, I am rather conservative, so I paired it with one of their jeans.

Also, new release from Demise of Flight, a cute little pose set called "Take Me Away" I used Take Me Away 5, since it fits with my overall mood today.


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde (Chest D)
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog Shadows
Lips: .::Mother Goose's::.lip(B)2
Hair: >TRUTH< Cyanne w/Roots - tahiti
Top: [J'adore] Striped Suit Blue
Jeans: [J'adore] Plain Skinny Jeans Grey
Pose: Demise of Flight: Take me Away 5

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elvis Is My Daddy, Marilyn's My Mother, Jesus Is My Bestest Friend.

I might not sing the body electric, but I sure do shop the body electric.

Too cheesy? Oh well, but it's true, I adore shopping, and finding new things.. and right now there's an amazing skin out by WoW Skins, Isabella. It comes on a full avatar set with an outfit and everything, but me... personally, I totally just used it for the skin. Sue me :P.

Also saddens me to say that there's a closing sale at Nani's poses.. Yes, it's terrible news, however, on the other hand, cheap poses for all. The sale only lasts until the 18th! Which is tomorrow! So hurry up and grab it all before it shuts down, nothing is over 50L.

Also, no secret that I love Auxiliary. Now, with me having been gone for so long.. or at least it feels like forever for me, I didn't get a chance to go to TDR to get their cheapie from there. Adorable little cocktail dress that makes me go "ohhh oh oh oh!" Comes in pink and blue, and it's too adorable Not to own.

Finally! Burley is one of the best stores for hair in my opinion, and right now they came up with a clever way of dividing up the store. Burley will be known as Taketomi, and they are already open with some of the best hairs ever, totally what you would expect from Burley's makers. Then they're going to have a man's fashion in a store called Gavi, which will be all high fashion, which is right now very much needed in sl, and then there's going to be Collective, which will have women's and men's vintage urban/modern fashion. I'm so stoked! Taketomi is already opened, as I said, and I'm totally in love with the hairstyle in these pictures, Maggie.

Going for a week in sl is like going for a year, you miss out on so much crap! ARGH!


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Isabella mid tone 2*
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes: London Fog
Hair: [taketomi Maggie_Blonde01
Dress: [Aux] Dipped Gauze Cocktail Dress- Blue
Tights: Kyoot - Sisley Tights (Calm)
Shoes: Baiastice Ute Mesh Pumps- Black
Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set- Platinum
Pose: Nani Simple1

If I Were a Boy

It's been so long I almost forgot my logging information....

KIDDING! But yes, it feels like it's been way too long, and tough I'm technically still gone, now that I can log in to Second Life again, I must! And I shall blog again, even if it's hard to edit using this crappy laptop! But it shall be done!

So, I'm sure by now you've all heard about one of my favorite stores: Drift! It's a cute little find I got trough Lazy Sundays, and got that adorable sweater mesh dress that I blogged about a couple weeks back, and then I wet back and bought almost everything in that store, because it's worth it. Kalli's designs are cute, chick, and very stylish, and since they don't really cause a dent in your pocket.. I'd say it's one of the musts in everyone's inventory.

At any rate! She has these cute mesh boy pants out for Limited Bazaar that are just to die for! I'm always looking for cute ways to do the morning after look, you know.. the one where you dig through your boyfriend's closet and get all the stuff that he wears on, and looks big and messy, and yet sexy? These pants are a must for that. Thank you Kalli!


Skin: {.Essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes: London Fog
Lips: MotherGoose Lips 2B
Hair: Hand Drawn 
Bra: {mon tissu} Lady Lace Bra ~ Valentine
Shirt: Kauna - OpenShirt: Black
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -Giselle Opal Necklace
Pants: DRIFT Boyfriend Pants in Denim for Limited Bazaar (Only 100 being sold or so! Hurry and get it!))
Shoes: (TokiD) destiny loafers (grey)
Pose: Adorakable: Mode7

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cold Blooded

So, I think this might be the last post before I go away for two weeks. Again, fret not my lovies! Like the Terminator, I will be back!

I'm closing right about now with the day that I started my blog.. a month strong, and still loving it. I really do enjoy sharing my fashion tastes with all of you, and I'm guessing you enjoy reading about them and seeing the crazy I come up with, so thank you for that! It really does mean a lot to me.

So.. what do we have today... Fifty Linden Friday! Yay! It's time to throw your Linden up in the air and feel like a rich person!

For this week's collection, I really did fall in love with LaGyo, Clawtooth, and So Many Styles!, All had fabulous additions to the collection that made me feel like I could go for a glam rock kinda look to it. I totally love the vest! It's not something I normally go for, style wise, but.. It's totally cute and really can add the flair that your outfit really needs!


Skin: .::Mother Goose's MiChi III(B)3
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: Clawtooth: Dear Heart - Wheat for 50L Friday
Necklace: LaGyo Titiana Necklace for 50L Friday
Tank: Jane Intrinsic Tank Pewter
Vest: {SMS} Fur PomPom Vest Midnight Pool for 50L Friday
Shoes: (epoque.s) Revolution Pumps 
Pose: (PDA) Dancing Grass

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Riot's Gone.. Away

Don't you just love it when you find a new designer that totally makes you eep? Guess what?

I found one! I did! I found one!!!

So, when it comes to skins, the normal for me pop up, Vive9, Essences, Auxiliary, Glam Affair, blah blah blah.. Laq and more blah. Yeah, there's lots of stores out there, but I found a designer that makes absolutely amazing and breath taking skins that are just to die for! And, well, when it comes to skins, I'm rather picky, I don't want to find a twin with my shape and skin while shopping.. And these skins are original, high quality, lots of definition, and just mouth drooling awesomeness! Loomi skins are seriously some of the best I've seen in grid, and for sure worth a trip to take a look at the store. It's small, and it's humble, but it's got plenty of potential! I can't wait for this little shop to turn into the powerhouse that it deserves to be. 

In other news.. I totally I'm just dying head over heels over the Collaor88 collection this month. The theme is desert, and the little outfit by The Sea Hole is just.. amazing and drool worthy, So, if you haven't done so, go take a trip down to Collabor88, it's for sure worth the lag people! <3


Skin: LoOmi - Piper - soft -3 at LoOmi
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes - London Fog Shadows.
Hair (picture 1): Truth- Mindy w/Roots - golden
Hair (picture 2): [Burley]Sirah Blonde01
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Alchemy Charm  Coins - Group All - Gold for Collabor88
Top: The Sea Hole - Painted Desert Bodysuit - Dove for Collabor88
Skirt: The Sea Hole - Painted Desert - Dove for Collabor88
Shoes: Ingenue :: Clodia :: Noir for Collabor88
Poses: Adorkable- Smexy 10 and Adorkable- Breezy 7


So first off, I have to make a small announcement. I have a grandma that is currently in the hospital, and I have to visit her, she's in a very bad shape, and I'm going over to Orlando for two weeks to spend some time with her. No, that doesn't mean it's the end of SLDailyWardrobe, it just means that for two weeks, there won't be anything. I know, I know, sadface and all, but.. sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the ones we love. I'll be back the 25th full gear with more blog awesomeness! Promise, promise!

So, with the serious subject out of the way, I guess it's time to jump right to it. If you haven't noticed.. I normally wear essences skins, I like the realism of them, and the nose. Now, I have found a new skin store that I'm going to share with you all, it's called WoW Skins, and their skins are awesome! I am totally in head over heels with how they paint the abs on the skin, the hip bones and that line around the you know what.. Yeah, it's to die for. So, I had to make a trip to Collabor88 and their new collection to come up with a look that highlighted the things I loved about this skin, which is a new release now available at the store!

Right! So! What did I decide on wearing to highlight this skin? No secret I'm a huge fan of Tres Blah, and their little tank tops that they have at Collabor88 are deffo worth going through the lag and fighting the belly talkers to get to! Also hair by LaViere, and jeans by Auxiliary, which I'm totally loving. All in all, not disappointed one bit by this trip.


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Cindy Milk Natural Freckles/Cleavage. 400L at WoW Skins
Beauty Mark: {.essences.}
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog Shadows
Hair: -LaViere- Taylor Dirty Blonde for Collabor88
Tank: -Tres Blah- Tip Top Tank - Blue for Collabor88
Jeans: [Auxiliary]Belted Flairs - Slate for collabor88
Shoes: Ingenue :: Clodia  :: Noir for Collabor88
Pose: (marukin) [willow] koi for Collabor88

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon

Oh, and let me play among the stars....

So, I know you guys have probably heard of a little store called celoe? I know I have.. I love that store.. so many pretties! @.@ At any rate! Celoe has finally come out with a new release, and I swear to God, I went broke in that store.. I spent around 3k? Total? And so worth it @.@. My husband is going to kill me.. but.. what doesn't know, doesn't hurt, right? Let's keep with that believe, shall we?

So, their release is all about style with class, beautiful dresses, coats, and everything.. just.. amazing, mindblowing stuff. They have this classy gown like dress that I'll blog about later.. and.. this amazing coat dress, and the coat, and the little corset top, and the pants...

I'm out of breath. Did I mention I love their new collection?

It takes a lot to get me this excited, but Celoe newness.. that totally does it! Keep them coming please!!!!


Look 1: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Lips: .::Mother Goose's::.lip(B)2
Hair: Truth Rebel w/Roots - tahiti
Accessories: Donna Flora Princess cream set
Coat Dress: [celoe] Maruca Coat Dress in Blue
Shoes: Baiastice Ute Mesh Pumps in black
Pose by Adorkable

Look 2: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Lips: .::Mother Goose's::.lip(B)2
Hair: Truth- Guinevere w/Roots - tahiti
Jacket: [celoe] Maru Coat in Gray
Skirt: [celoe] Nikka Skirt in Pitch
Shoes: Baiastice Ute Mesh Pumps in Black
Pose by Adorkable

Monday, November 5, 2012

Forever Autumn

So, remember how last night before I went ni ni I told you about the FSH hunt? Guess what? It's up and running! And I have some more looks that I totally fell in love with that can be found in this hunt! Yayness!

Oh.. yeah.. did I mention that the hunt is totally free? Because it is... which means.. you better get your butts in there and get these amazing freebies! I seriously count these as a must for the season.. free musts for the season!

I'd totally break into a dance if I could.

At any rate! Let's get to it, shall we? Let's see some more of these amazing freebies that are available only in Atooly's FSH hunt!


Look 1: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Skin Gentle
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Christy  - Lemon tea
Mini Dress: [InsatiableFashions] Bianca Dress for the FSH Hunt
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim - 1929 Cigarette ~ Gray 1
Shoes: .:SpearSong:. Red Ankle Boot for FSH Hunt

Look 2: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Skin Gentle
Hair: [LeLutka]-Demeter - Glucose
Dress: [DandelionWine] Mesh Mini Dress for FSH hunt

Starting Point:

Hunters' Group:

And just because I promised a dance....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's Something Unpredictable, But In the End It's Right

So.. starting tonight at midnight, The Fall into the Season Hunt will start. Which means, there's a couple amazing freebies available for you to get. The hunt is all in fall colors, with the exception of poses, of course.. kind of hard to color those. 

Now, there's a lot of amazing freebies, like I said, and all you have to do is hunt for the leaf at each location. I compiled a couple of my favorite looks from the hunt here, and there will be some more tomorrow! Hope you enjoy!


 Look 1: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: [Burley] Fashi Blonde01
Hair Bow: [Burley] Fashi Hair Clip
Accessories: *YS&YS* Pearl Set Choco
Shirt: - Vneck.Tee (White)
Overalls: -ATTIC- Autumnal Striped Overall for FSH
Clutch: {mon tissu} Burbank Clutch ~ Caramel

Look 2: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: [Burley] Fashi Blonde01
Hair Bow: [Burley] Fashi Hair Clip
Accessories: *YS&YS* Pearl Set Choco
Dress: ..:: NiNight ::.. Mesh Autumn Leaves Sweater Dress
Shoes: Ingenue- Gatsby Heels :: Ruby

Starting Point:

Hunters' Group:

Blurring the Fandoms

Being a huge Harry Potter fan and a huge Doctor Who fan...I felt that it was time to make this post. I absolutely love this TARDIS from HopScotch. It has a million poses in it and is now a constant decoration at my ps studio. I suggest any Whovian who is anyone, really needs to go get this. It's very well made and the accompanying poses will satisfy every fan.


Hair- ::Exile:: AJ:Raven
Glasses- (epoque) Essential Frames - Neutral
Skin burner- .Pekka. Skin Burner V1
Facial Hair- *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Light Stubble v1
Eyes- -Sparkling Star- *REDGRAVE*
Skin- *KENTO* Ryan_T1
Shape- Custom
Face tattoo-  *~*HopScotch*~* Remember - Head
Vest and shirt- *Edelweiss* School-Line Vest Grey
Tie- Schadenfreude HUD Controlled Tie (edited)
Badge- ::MM:: G Badge - Sixth Year (not for sale)
TARDIS- *~*HopScotch*~* The Madman's big blue Box!
Pose- STAKEY- Casual Man Pose 5

Someday You Will Be Loved

Lazy Sunday is upon us, and sadly, Second Life at the moment is broken. Seriously! Like.. I'm logged in, and I'm scared to log out. But.. at the same time.. I want to! No one has names to them! Teleports are broken. Search is broken. Oh, Linden, what have you done now?!

At any rate, I managed to sneak some quick snapshots before going to bed from some of the items that I really enjoyed.

Drift has a very cute Boho Chic maxi dress to them that also screams out "FALL'' with its knit pattern and the cute brown color to it. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of brown, I'm more of a black and white chic myself, but.. I have to give it to the creator, the dress is totally chic! Plastik has a cute pair of pumps out too, that I'll have to play some more with when SL is not broken, and I can fix my graphics so that the color of the skin matches the prim foot! URGH! SL, why are you torturing me so tonight!? At any rate, the color combination of the shoes is extremely adorable, and also very fallish.

Talking about fall, it's almost time for all the fall hunts! And Atooly is doing the "Fall Into the Season Hunt", which I'll be blogging more about later. Right now, I have the nails from Laville, which are very cute, mesh, and can be resized to fit /your/ hand size just via HUD, and comes it a lot of different colors. Did I mention it's free? :O For sure a must grab the fifth!


Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: [Burley] Diana Black01
Piercing: [Virtual/Insanity] Morbid Extravaganza Piercings Set
Tattoo: Aitui Tatoo - Sacred Pain
Dress: DRIFT Lazy Sunday Maxi Dress in Mocha
Shoes: :[Plastik]:-Dusk Heel- Festival
Nails: ! Laville ! Mesh Nails - Autumn FSH gift out Nov. 5th

Saturday, November 3, 2012

At the Bottom of Everything

So, Truth has new hair out.. again, and I'm totally digging Sara hairstyle this week. I'll be honest, I'm a total crazy for trying to align prims and body together so things look just right, which is really the reason why I love mesh so much, it does it for you. But.. when it comes to hats, and hair stuff.. it's so hard to get it proportionate to your head, and still fit right when your hair, almost impossible, and it pisses me off to no end! However.. The solution I find is when creators already add the hair piece to your hair, so it's a perfect fit every time, that's why I love hair styles like this one that's new from Truth.

Also, more Fameshed goodies from Cracked Mirror. Now, I know you've probably seen it floating around many blogs, but it can't be helped, it's so adorable and casual, makes for a good rp piece, or just add some jeans to it and make it casual, or even slacks and make it all.. you know.. classy.


Skin: {.essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Lip Gloss: {.essences.} Heidy lipstick pinknik
Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: TRUTH Sara w/Roots - tahiti
Outfit: (CM) Woolsworth Dress for Fameshed

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sing It Out, Girl, You've Got to Be What Tomorrow Needs

And another Friday is upon us, which means two things, The Dressing Room, and Fifty Linden Fridays. Both events that I die all week just waiting for them to happen and open up. And well, there were some few amazing things that are going on today on Fifty Linden Fridays and TDR! 
For one, Ingenue is part of this weekend's line up, and they came up with this new adorable skirt, and one of them, the yellow one, is available for only 50L today, so you better hurry up and get it before it goes back to full price! Then Deco is in the line up too, with these adorable mesh sequined pumps.
Essences is in this week's line up for the TDR, and it doesn't dissapoint, it has a 70L Skin out, and with a couple make up choices for you to add. If you wear Essences skins, even if you don't care for the paleness of this skin they have up for grabs this week, the lipgloss options are totally a must for any of their skins, so I'd suggest you rush over and quickly grab them before they're gone in two weeks!


Skin: {.essences.} Heidy dark eyebrows for TDR
Lip Gloss: {.essences.} Heidy lipstick pinknik for TDR
Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: [Burley] Sirah Blonde01
Shirt: {mon tissu} Park Avenue Top
Skirt: Ingenue :: Sonia :: Honey Gold
Tights: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 
Shoes: Deco - Mesh Sequined Heel

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All You Need Is Love... And Fameshed....

Ah, Don't you love the first of each month? I do, and I'll let you know just why that is.

Yes indeed, if you haven't heard, Fameshed is an event where some of the best mesh creators in the grid get together, and sell some of their collection in the Fresco sim. Oh, yeah, heads up.. fameshed has indeed moved! So, time to update those lm's. 

Now, they do have a lot of adorable things, my favorite was a little ensemble I put together with three of the items that they have in there. First of all. Tee*fy.. One of my all time favorite stores. I absolutely love their work, and their mini skirt for fameshed is just what my inventory was missing. Now.. as you also know, I'm a huge lover of The Secret Store, and they have joined the Fameshed crew this month with a little top that is just absolutely adorable and extremely vintage! And those shoes by NYU.. Need I say more? So.. I went for a very retro chic look for today with items that I found in fameshed. Totally worth the lag and the trip if you guys can make it out there!


Skin: {.essences.} Indy Skin Gentle
Hair: [BURLEY]Stasia II Blonde01
Shirt: The Secret Store - Sweet sheer - Cognac for Fameshed
Skirt: Tee*fy Basics High Waist Short Denim Skirt  Black for Fameshed
Socks: WWI Army Girl Garters Jet Black 
Shoes: NYU - Oxford Heels, White for Fameshed


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