Thursday, November 1, 2012

All You Need Is Love... And Fameshed....

Ah, Don't you love the first of each month? I do, and I'll let you know just why that is.

Yes indeed, if you haven't heard, Fameshed is an event where some of the best mesh creators in the grid get together, and sell some of their collection in the Fresco sim. Oh, yeah, heads up.. fameshed has indeed moved! So, time to update those lm's. 

Now, they do have a lot of adorable things, my favorite was a little ensemble I put together with three of the items that they have in there. First of all. Tee*fy.. One of my all time favorite stores. I absolutely love their work, and their mini skirt for fameshed is just what my inventory was missing. Now.. as you also know, I'm a huge lover of The Secret Store, and they have joined the Fameshed crew this month with a little top that is just absolutely adorable and extremely vintage! And those shoes by NYU.. Need I say more? So.. I went for a very retro chic look for today with items that I found in fameshed. Totally worth the lag and the trip if you guys can make it out there!


Skin: {.essences.} Indy Skin Gentle
Hair: [BURLEY]Stasia II Blonde01
Shirt: The Secret Store - Sweet sheer - Cognac for Fameshed
Skirt: Tee*fy Basics High Waist Short Denim Skirt  Black for Fameshed
Socks: WWI Army Girl Garters Jet Black 
Shoes: NYU - Oxford Heels, White for Fameshed


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