Saturday, June 29, 2013

American Woman

american woman

So.. I just was reminded that Fourth of July was this week. Wops. Don't hate. I'm not even American and I've been in the hospital for a week, I'm excused for not even knowing what date is today. But.. Flux event is picking up again, guys! And I'm sooooo excited to be picked as a blogger for this event that was so big in the past. For this set, the theme is Americana, and I'm in awe at some of the stores and what htey're sending out, like this bikini, and the headphones with the American flag, too adorable, and the spoon set from Lark that I'll blog later, really.. really amazing stuff the creators have been able to come up with in such a short amount of time, so I decided to do an homage to the Fourth of July using some of these items! Also... there's this new store that opened up in the grid, they make skins, and.. I do love the face, I'm absolutely in love with the innocent face, but the body has absolutely no dimension to it, and it's milk white, so don't ever wear white with this skin. Over all, it makes for a good kid skin, were it not for the cleavage on it, I was kind of disappointed to be honest, but for 600L, it's well worth it! Happy Shopping guys!


Skin: [AMITOMO] blair SKIN  makeup 1
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bobbie - Browns01Fade
Headphones: 22769 ~ [unisex] Headphones Stars And Stripes (for Flux event)
Bikini: [KoKoLoReS] Californikini Ombre - (for Flux event)
Watch: [AMITOMO] Watch B Black 
Pose: [KoKoLoReS]{Beach Babe}look at me! (for Flux event)

Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Time

Time to Begin.

It's time to begin blogging again! I know I had a bit of a break there, couldn't really help it, week long stay at the hospital will really limit how much you can post :s. But, I'm back, and finally finished the picture that I had in mind before I had to go into the ER. See, I had this vision with this sweat shirt, and yes, I know I'm late in the bandwagon, but I missed the memo that Mon Tissu came out with new stuff, and I kept seeing this sweater everwhere, and I wanted it! So.. I finally investigated. Aka, I typed "Oui, sweater, secondlife into google in hopes that a blogger would be as silly as me as to make that go into her post. Good news for me, I'm not the only dorky blogger out there I guess, and I found it. I haven't taken it off since I found it, from wearing it along with my underwear, to with jeans, to just random naked with a sweater, I've kept it on. Then my friend from Olive, Rose, made that lovely purse for her store, and I was like.. OMG YES! And I added it, and then I added a couple accessories from Lark.. Like the headband. Get used to it guys, I'm the Blair Waldorf of SL. Headbands are my thing. Then... socks, I needed socks, if you have socks, then you need boots and shorts. And end it with MishMish for the final touch of adorb, and you're ready to begin! Happy shopping guys! 


Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bobbie - Browns01Fade
Freckles/Moles: Essences - Freckles / Moles / Beauty Marks for Cosmetics Fair
Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude for Cosmetics Fair
Eyeliner: Essences Eyeshadow 02 *dark* for Cosmetics Fair
Sweater: {mon tissu} Oversized Shirt ~ Oui
Headband: Lark - Jelly Glitter Headband - Blue 
Necklaces: *MishMish* Summer Starfish Necklace - Red
*MishMish* Summer Buoy Necklace - Blue for Summerfest
Purse: .Olive. the Mocchiilla Bag - FLF *Limited Editon*- Missy Floral
Earrings: *MishMish* Summer Starfish Earrings - Red for Summerfest
Toy: *MishMish* Mini Dunneh - Holdable for Summerfest
Shorts: (fd) Scallop Shorts - Grey
Socks: Lark - Cozy Socks  (Antlers)
Shoes: (LaRoo) Shearling Boots (black)

Friday, June 21, 2013

I Am A Broken Doll, And You Are The Puppeteer

I Am A Broken Doll, And You Are The Puppeteer

Meep. I've never done a nude picture.. and to be honest, they're soooo hard! It took me forever and ever to get it all done right, and still I find places where it could have been better, but still, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, fairly classy, high drama, just what I wanted. I really wanted to showcase this essences skin, and the make up layers in a classy non boring way, because.. amazing skins are so hard to find, and I love this one, I honestly do. The Opera skin has been the first one in such a long time that I rushed in to buy just when it came out. Now, I have to say, the one thing I didn't really like about it was the fact that.. it had no freckles. FRECKLES! So for a long time, I just wore my own. But.. lo' and behold, in Cosmetics fair.. FRECKLES AND MOLES. By Essences. I cried. I did almost cry tears of happiness. And then becoming a blogger for them yesterday.. I got them, and I can't thank Inka enough for this.. and yes, I'm still fan girling over being chosen as a blogger for them, but.. this pack is amazing. And lipstic, and tanning lotion, and eyeliner.. specially for essences skins. YES. I mean, one of the battles I have with make ups in sl is that sometimes it doesn't go right with your shape, which turns out to be a pain and a headache for everyone involved, so... when the skin maker has their own make up layers that you can use to play around and make the skin your own, I adore it. I mean.. at one point or another we start looking alike. Similar hair, same skin.. same eye maker.. but then we can add some touches that.. they just bring the avatar alive, and add a new flair to them. So to Inka, thanks for this! These are amazing. And you can get them too, don't forget! At the Cosmetics Fair! Go out and get all the goodies while it lasts guys! 


Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tawny - Browns01Fade
Jewelry: Dona Flora PRINCESS  Set
Eyeliner: Essences Eyeshadow 06 *dark* for Cosmetics Fair
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Moor
Freckles and Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks and Freckles Type A for Cosmetics Fair
Lipstick: Essences - Endless Night Lipstick 09 for Cosmetics Fair
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet 
Pose: Apple Spice - Pinup Pose 007

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Will You Follow Me Into the Dark?

Will You Follow Me Into the Dark?

It's a wonderful day, guys! And I still am messing around trying to get better at photoshop, today, I wanted to do something.. from the back and sexy, mainly because of this amazing dress by R3volt. Except I used it as a shirt. But.. Oh well, it looks amazing. It reminds me of like being bound, but at the same time, feeling some sort of release.. I don't know, I'm weird. Hush. At any rate, I spent forever getting this picture just right, and I'm pretty proud of it, some couple things I would change still, but.. it's really good, and it fits the feeling that I had today.. would you follow me into the dark? I also wanted to do Berry's memes. I like people getting to know me a bit better, so.. Let's do it, Berry! Bring on your weird questions, I'll lie and make myself look good. Okay.. okay.. kidding, I'll try to be honest! 

  • Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Umm.. where I took this picture? Kingdom of Jordan
  • Does your avatar look like the real you? Some! I've got the same skin tone, and hair, the rest it fluctuates, and she has a better body than I do. That bitch. 
  • Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? Most of the time, yes! Lol. I'm a dork. Sometimes I forget though. Woops. 
  • If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? I'd just buy all the things. There's no limit. I'd run out of them in like an hour. I'd just go around seriously buying all the things. 
  • Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? FML. I hate when this happens. Or you buy something, and then you get it as a blogger review copy, and you're like.. FML. Seriously? How about sending it an hour ago. WAH! Not really but.. yeah, I've just glared at the computer a couple times when that's happened. 
  • Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? I've broken into people's houses and set them on fire?
  • If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? James Matfield, but he pretty much crushed my SLife. I'm going to go cry in a corner now. 
  • Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? Hm, I think Natalee Oodles. She has a style that's similar to me, and I'd kill for her Narnia. 
  • What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? Happened recently, I was testing RLV permissions for a collar I was making, and I IM'ed Strawberry Sign to show her something, but.. the collar wouldn't let me talk. And I was like.. WTF?! and then she replied, and three times, and I was like.. HOGOD, where can I hide my face at that moment? worst off, I couldn't figure out how to stop it! Meanwhile the guy next to me probably was laughing, and I'm there like.. hogod, I ruined my slife. Figured it out and IM'ed her, and she just laughed at me. Yeah... smooth. 
  • If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? she wouldn't say anything to me, I think she'd just constantly smack me.
  • Credits:

    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: TRUTH HAIR Candy - Browns01Fade
    Top: [R3] Meg Dress [V1] 
    Pants: Zaara : [Mesh] Kavya summer pants *ebony*
    Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 
    Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet 
    Pose: Apple Spice - Innosence Pose 001

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Someday You Will Be Loved

    Someday You Will Be Loved

    As of lately I'm feeling a little nostalgic, I am not really sure why, but.. I guess at times we all do. We feel the void, and loneliness, and blah.. I'm not going to go into it, but I think we've all been there, and I think this picture really captures how I feel at this moment, someday I will be loved. But.. blah. Maybe it's time for me to start stripping down the layers and opening up to others, and letting more of my "skin" show. So.,.. yes, there's more than meets the eye to this picture. On the other hand, there's also a new Insatiable Fashions release. It's a very cutesy underwear set that is just.. so girly and adorable that I had to show it off. Also.. Pekka, they did this for one of the newer events, and I'm just in love with this set. I mean.. I love crosses, not only do they line up with my believes, but they make a powerful fashion statement. So I love it. So now I'm off to try to open myself up once more, some more, and maybe.. just maybe.. someday I'll be loved. Night guys! And.. Happy shopping! 


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Natural Fusion
    Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude for Cosmetics Fair
    Eyeliner: {.essences.} Fallulah Eyeliner
    Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Moor
    Jewelry Set: .Pekka. Pyr cross set - Gold
    Lingerie Set: [Insatiable Fashions] {Lingerie} Dotty  - Tealriffic 
    Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 
    Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet
    Pose: Apple Spice - Cute 004

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Listen with Your Heart

    Listen to Your Heart 2

    So.. Hair fair is getting like.. uber close, and the contest is still open guys! For everyone! And you don't have to be a Photoshop genius to enter the competition, all you have to have is a flare for movies. One of my favorite Disney movies is actually Pocahontas. It's not as appreciated or liked as many others, but I still completely love the story line, the art, the feel to the movie, and the strong theme of being one with nature, and fighting for your own destiny. So.. I wanted to make something with her. If you guys are entering the contest.. I did post where to get Berry's tutorial, which is amazing, it's really how this was born. This one picture is just for my use though, I loved how it came out playing with The other that will be at the bottom is actually my entry piece. So.. I tried to channel Pocahontas my way, I hope you guys enjoy it, and enter the contest! I mean.. what do you have to lose? At the very least you get an amazing picture. I'm also going to post my last entry that had all the rules for Hair Fair photo contest in it. Good luck everyone! And have fun with your movie theme! 


    Skin: Essences - Opera 04 *sunkissed* brunette
    Hair: [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS hair - Pitch
    Lids: Slink Mesh eyelids (alpha) 
    Freckles: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - Moles and Xtra Freckles (face)
    Eyeliner: {.essences.} Fallulah Eyeliner
    Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude for Cosmetics Fair
    Necklace: [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS necklace
    Dress: Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress Fiesta for the Arcade
    Pose: !Bang Mini Series- Strength 4

    Listen To Your Heart

    Berry's Tutorial Page:

    Hair Fair Contest Rules can be found here:

    Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young and Beautiful?

    into the distance

    So Berry did a new tutorial, and if you haven't watched Berry's tutorials, and are learning photoshop, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. She seriously does an amazing job with them, they're easy to follow, they taught me how to do high quality pictures just in world, and teaches me something new every day, like Picmonkey, why has no one ever told me this stuff exists?! So.. once I saw her tutorial, I decided to give it my own shot. I mean I added my own little touches to it, like using highpass in order to sharpen an image quickly, and with a mask it's easy to delete the parts you don't' want to be sharpened and allow to remain soft, then I also use noise to give the skin a little more pores and realism to it, using a mask to make sure i don't get the lips, nor the eyes, nor parts that obviously wouldn't have pores. I'm going to link to Berry's tutorial page, because there's so many that would benefit from reading and listening and watching, she's amazeballs, and she's the sweetest person ever, really, so.. YEAH. I'm totally fangirling, but whatever. Berry is the one person that got me to blogging, and pretty much.. in her own way through her tutorials has always been at my side helping, so thank you!

    With that said, Cosmetic Fair oepend again, and I wanted to showcase a couple different layers that I jsut absolutely fell in love with. If you haven't gone, there's stuff by Essences, and Glam Affair, Mons, and many other big names! Don't forget to go while you can guys! 


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: [LeLutka]-ADILE hair - Bournville
    Eyes: .ID. Soulful Eyes / Blue Light
    Freckles: Pink Acid Natural Beauty Freckles, Beauty Mark Mole & Blush for Cosmetics Fair
    Eye Make Up: Flawless.Unicorn-Smokey Nights Eyeshadow for Cosmetics Fair
    Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude for Cosmetics fair 
    Lashes: {.essences.} Request Eyelashes (tatoo layer) and ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - EyeLashes (Prim)
    Necklace: LaGyo_Venhia necklace (chest)
    Pose: (marukin) [adularescent] tart

    Berry's Tutorials Page:

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die

    I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die

    So.. Cosmetics Fair is upon us.. and normally I'm not.. uberly crazy about cray cray make up. However.. I have to admit, one special person inspired me. +Nuuna+ is one of the many people that are in the mix for the fair this summer, and I mean.. at first.. it looks so weird, just... red stripes, however, sometimes we don't know the powerful statement that a make up piece has, and tis is how this look was born. All I could think of was a crying angel. An image so soft, and so powerful, that well, I had to make it a reality. The shot is really pretty simple, and the styling is kept somewhat simple to keep the focus on the make up instead of the actual outfit, you dont' really want to overpower when wearing strong make up like this because.. you run the risk of going from being soft and elegant, to looking like a clown! NO! Don't do it! So anyways, I really don't have much to say other than I hope you all are excited about cosmetic fairs, and I'll keep adding a couple of favorites from the event as time goes on! But this.. well, it deserved something special in its own in my opnion! Happy Shopping Sl'ers! 


    Skin: Essences - Opera 04 *sunkissed* 
    Hair: Analog Dog wound up - goth1
    Ear Wings: Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium  - Hippogryph
    Pale make up: TuTy's Neri-Oshiroi Geisha make up 5 - Furyu
    "Tears": +Nuuna+ Triip Red for Cosmetics Fair
    Dress: NYU - Cotton Dress, White 
    Wings: Material Squirrel Sofiel Angel Wings 4.3.2
    Pose: !bang Strength 4

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    I Don't Care, I Love It

    I Don't Care, I Love It

    So.. It's been a while since I did a home blog, so I thought today was as good of a day as any. For a while I've been inspired by Trompe's new house for Collabor88, it's amazing, gorgeous little log cabin, and only 288L. I am so head over heels for it it's not even funny. So.. I decided to decorate it, I mean, it's a very weird shaped house, and the rooms are kind of small, however, even though some people might see this as a bad thing, i actually see it as a very good thing. No, I'm not crazy, but this does allow for people to use lower amount of prims, which for those of you in a tight budget, it's kind of needed. Just because you have to keep low prim, doesn't mean that you have to suffer and look like a poor boy from a poor family. No! Great news with mesh is the fact that you can decorate something entirely, using very little prims, and making it look fabulous! In total, with everything pictured, including the house, it only took 196 prims. Hazzah! So.. I'm just.. it's a lot of pictures, and I hope you all like them, I've been working literally all day with these, and it's been hard trying to keep up with all of it! So, I'm going to start with the bedroom credits for the two pictures, and go room by room listing everything and the Land Impact (LI) Happy Shopping!

    I Don't Care, I Love It

    floorplan. faux bois (10 Land Impact)
    .lame - Kyle's Hanging Frames - light (3 LI)
    floorplan. oar rack (4 LI each)
    floorplan. book stack lamp / blue ombre (4 LI)
    Dutchie bedside table (3 LI)
    floorplan. typewriter gacha / floral RARE (1 land impact at the Arcade)
    .lame - Maiko's Cuddle Rug (4 LI)
     floorplan. pallet room divider vendor (2 LI)
    floorplan. peace marquee light (1 LI) at Collabor88
    LISP - Mesh Blinds Wide Long - White (2 LI)
    floorplan. pallet ottoman / burnt (3 LI)
    floorplan. oh deer wall decor (1 LI)
    floorplan. shutter wall decor (1 LI)

    I Don't Care, I Love It

    I Don't Care, I Love It

    fri.home - frame shelf (1 LI)
    PILOT - Dellinger Desk (5 LI total)
    Alouette - 90's Entertainment Center - Black (6 LI) at Collabor88
    PILOT - Check Mate White (1 LI)
    fri.home - poet's bench (frost) (4 LI)
    .lame - Kyle's Rug (Ziggy) (2 LI)
    MIAB - Brutal Hearts (4 LI)
    {af} Floppy Tower (12 LI) at Collabor88
    floorplan. floor lamp (1 LI)
    .lame - Hadley's Reminder Art (2 LI)
    [AF] iFall (1 LI)
    .lame - Hadley's Books (2 LI)
    .lame - Hadley's Desk (2 LI)
    .lame - Hadley's Desk Chair (2 LI)
    LISP - Mesh Blinds Wide Long - White (2 LI)
    .lame - Kyle's Hanging Frames - light (3 LI each)
    MIAB - The Daily Crossword (1 LI)
    {af} Chinese (1 LI each) FREE group gift
    Trompe Loeil - Barrel Table black (1 LI) at Collabor88
    Trompe Loeil - Barrel Stool Tall black (2 LI each ) at Collabor88

    I Don't Care, I Love It I Don't Care, I Love It

    PILOT - Murrow Table (5 LI)
    .lame - Kyle's Rug (Rugged) (3 LI each)
    Zigana . recycle couch (2 LI each)
    [Commoner] Brash Can / RX (Xanax) (1 LI)
    [Commoner] Brash Can / RX (Prozac) (1 LI)
    Alouette - The Bibliotheque Chair - Black Leather (4 LI)
    [Commoner] Photo Album / Burn Book RARE (1 LI) for the Arcade
    [Commoner] Origami Deer Head (Yellow) (1 LI)
    {af} Blank Frame (1 LI)
    Dutchie library (4 LI each part)
    Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Couch/Pillows Linen (4 LI)
    PILOT - Bridges Bar Cart (7 LI)
    PILOT - Face Vases (1 LI)
    Dr Who Quote for Sash! <3 (NOT for Sale, present by one of my best friends, Natalee Oodles)
    {af} Vogue Frame (1 LI)
    *ionic* if every angel's terrible (3 LI)

    I Don't Care, I Love It


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: Exile::Hold On Loosely Natural Fusion
    Glasses: {mon tissu} Harlow Sunglasses ~ Black
    Gum: [Pink Fuel] Yum Bubblegum! (Static- Opaque - Color Change)
    Earrings: (Yummy) Winter Flower Earring - Copper 
    Neckalce: Noodles - Key to My Heart Gold
    Dress: -tb- Spaghetti Strap Dress  - Black Floral for Collabor88
    Tights: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 1
    Boots: (fd) Bossy Boots - Plain Blue for the Arcade
    Poses used in pictures: !Bang F*s pack

    House: Trompe Loeil - - Rustic Cabin for Collabor88

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Your Skin and Bones Turn Into Something Beautiful


    So the Cosmetic's fair is coming. And.. I'm really picky about cosmetics. I like them to be natural, to feel like something I would wear, not a clown make up! Subtle and beautiful is my style. So.. I fell in love immidiately with this eyeliner option that they had, it's so.. dramatic, but at the same time, so pretty. I layered it with another make up layer I had from Dead Apples because.. it's my favorite make up option ever, I think, I'm a huge fan of lip gloss. And there's also a new release from {le fil casse}. This headband is one of the most adorable things ever. I mean, it's no secret I'm like the Blair Waldorf of SL. If it's a headband, I'm buying it. I don't care. So.. I'm totally in love with this pack, and the color selection is just so cute and innocent. I had to do a head shot just to show how amazingly perfect this head band is. Happy shopping guys! 


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: [LeLutka]-ADILE hair - Bournville
    Headband: {le fil casse} movie night headband in COUNTRY BLUE
    Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Hazel
    Eyeliner: Lovely Mi - Couture Eyeliner Chunky for Cosmetic Fair (Opens June 15th-30th)
    Lipgloss: {Dead Apple} Lipgloss & Eyeshadow 
    Necklace: (Yummy) Travelers Charms
    Shirt: -tres blah- Tip Top Tank  - Blue
    Pose: Embody F STAND BY 2

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    It All Ends....

    Harry Potter SL Poster!

    So if you didn't know by now, I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan. So.. I did Breakfast at Tiffany's last post, and then Berry decided to put a challenge for a movie poster.. so I was like.. well. FINE! Sash Arabello 7 will be at a theater near you soon, it's an SL production, but since avatars are not 3d, you're kind of out of luck. No way to see it in 3d, okay? But yes! I couldn't help myself but to make a Hermione inspired picture. I really love that last year's teasers with the characters. I didn't have a Bellatrix hair. And I have a nose, so I couldn't be Voldemort. So I decided to go for the fierce good girl character, Hermione! I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out, and it was a fun challenge, trying to come up with all the things to add at the bottom, and all, so.. I hope you like my Hermione! Or.. well.. my.. movie! Yes, I'm starring in it. It's pretty underground and indie, only hipsters like me would know about it. 


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: !lamb. In Heaven (Mesh) - Snickers
    Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Hazel
    Lashes: -Glam Affair-  REGINA - Eyelashes 03
    Feckles: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - Moles and Xtra Freckles (face)
    and [PXL] FullBody freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
    Opened Mouth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3 
    Make Up: {Dead Apples} Lipgloss & Eyeshadow
    Dirt: Ghurab Dirt and blood
    Scarf:  [ZD] MESH TUBESCARF - silver knit
    Jacket: {mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket - Grey
    Top: fri. - Striped Capsleeve.Tee (Pink)
    Pose: Embody F Stand Up 3

    Saturday, June 8, 2013

    Breakfast at Hair Fair!

    Hair Fair Photo contest!

    Guyyyyyyyyssss! Hair fair is once again upon us! I'm so uber excited about it too! I'm not entering for the contest, but.. I decided to talk to you guys about it because it's a huuuuuuuuge cause that's so dear to my heart. So.. if you don't know, Hair Fair is a yearly event to raise money for Wigs for Kids. Now.. what is Wigs for Kids? Organization that donates wigs.. for kids with cancer. Now, this really means a lot to me because not only do I have cancer, but I have family that's had it, and suffered from it, and passed.. and if you can just put a small smile on their faces, well, that's what matters. Not only that, with my daughter passing after she was born, I have a huge soft spot for children in need, and being able to see a kid with cancer smile, and  have hair.. well, how beautiful is that? I actually am tearing up just writing this. But it is because of this that year after year, many designers flock to these four sims, and donate some of their makings to this wonderful cause. I applaud the organizers for this, because it is truly something beautiful that they're doing.

    Now.. one thing about hair fair? It's laggy as hell, you have to fight like hell to get in, and you crash a million and one times while you're there. Truth. But it is sooooo worth it, a lot of designers will have exclusives, and even gifts to help promote their brand. So.. being granted early access alone is a huge thing! Make sure to try and get in, I mean.. what's the worst that could happen?! You get a no? It's still a fun theme to play around, inspiration by movies? Heck yes! I've always wanted to do a Breakfast at Tiffany's poster, and now I have for something that truly inspires me. I'm copying the rules from the website, make sure to read them carefully.

    Hair Fair Photo Contest has begun ......


    1. This years theme is “Movies Inspire Me” be as creative as you like, feel free to include other people in your shots.
    However, as in previous years, ONLY THE PERSON ENTERING THE PHOTOGRAPH IS ELIGIBLE TO WIN. This years contest will run from the 7th June – 28th June 2013

    Examples : Sci-fi, Black & White, Romantic Comedy, Anime, Horror, Country & Western, Thriller, Action, Drama

    *No Nudity or sexualy suggestive images, this is a charity event to raise money for Children, naked/revealing pictures and pictures that the committee deem inappropriate will not be accepted, the committee’s say on this is final.

    Be creative, but remember we are looking for pictures that focus on the hair and you. PHOTOS SUBMITTED TO THIS POOL MUST HAVE BEEN UPLOADED SINCE THE START OF THE CONTEST, PHOTOS OLDER THAN THE START WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, we want fresh focus and definite passion for this event, and this event only.

    2. Feel free to enhance your shot in the photo editing program of choice. We don’t want to see vendor images here or store logos in the background for example. Just remember this isn’t an advertisement but a tribute to hair that you love.Also be aware that we wont be judging your photos on how little or much you know of PS or GIMP, rather the feel of the picture and the capture itself.That being said, please do not “over process”, we want to be able see the hair! – if you must put your name on your images please be sure to make it small and discreet in the bottom left or right of the photo…anything business focussed will not be accepted, names of avatar only.

    3. Keep your photos in Second Life size format. Second Life will distort your images when uploaded into SL, and we do not want to have your images look all out of focus in the winners circle if picked.

    Sizes options

    512 x 512

    1024 x 1024

    2048 x 2048

    512 x 1024

    1024 x 2048

    4. Photos may only be entered once, and only the person entering the photo is eligible to win. The same photo may not be entered by more than one person. You must have full ownership rights to the photo you are entering. If it was taken by someone else, then you must be allowed to use it in this manner. Check with the photographer before entering because any disputes of ownership of a photo will result in disqualification.

    5. Entrants are limited to a total of 8 entries. Enter only your very best photos, as swapping out will not be allowed. We will be keeping track of who enters what, and swapping out your photos after submission will result in your disqualification. We want to make it fair to everyone.

    6. In the description of each photo you enter, please include:
    * Your Second Life avatar name ( no display names, if your last name is Resident please include that )
    * Model/s
    * Photographer
    * Hair Style Name and Store ( the store does not have to be in Hair Fair 2013 )
    * Inspiration Movie ?

    7. All photos must be entered by Midnight SLT on 28th June, at that time uploads will be disabled.

    8. Winners will be announced just prior to the start of Hair Fair with all winners receiving a special VIP invitation to Hair Fair before it opens its doors to the public.
    Winning photos will also be featured at Hair Fair.
    First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive prizes from all stores listed, this is a HUGE prize pool.
    Seven runners up will also be given early access to Hair Fair 2013, as well as having their photos on display at the event.

    You may also showcase past designers who have left Second Life, designers just starting out, or even hair you or a friend made.

    All photos will be moderated before being approved into the group pool, please be patient as we are all on different timezones, but the pool will be checked daily. If your photo does not appear after 24 hours, please check that all the rules have been followed..thank you

    The judges decisions are final

    Prizes cannot be exchanged, negotiated or sent to avatars other than the winners.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sasy Scarborough in world via notecard.

    This year we are very honoured to be working again in conjunction with Wigs For Kids, a fantastic organisation. You can find details about the work they do at


    Prize Sponsors :

    Alice Project
    Alli&Ali Designs 
    Bizarre Hair 
    Bliensen + MaiTai 
    Curio Obscura
    Curious Kitties
    DamselFly Hair 
    Eaters Coma
    Enigma Hair 
    Hair Studio One
    Ladies who Lunch
    Loovus Dzevavor
    LoQ Hair 
    Nikita Fride 
    Rosy Mood
    Tableau Vivant 
    Vanity Hair 
    VR Studio by VR Foundry
    Wasabi Pills 

    Credits for my picture:

    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: booN YNO421 hair brown
    Tiara: Noodles - Whole New World Tiara Silver/Diamond
    Jewelry Set: Donna Flora PRINCESS cream set
    Gloves: *BOOM* Dame Elbow Gloves (black satin)
    Cat: D+R_CAT_on_head 1
    Dress: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Basic Maxi[Black]
    Cigarette: The Sea Hole - Parisian Cigarette & Holder (Reg Cig) - Coal
    Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Mae Platform - Black
    Pose: Ma Vie. - Revealed 03

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    Disneybound: This week, Smee!

    Disneybound Smee

    I feel like such a slacker, I haven't done this in forever it feels like.. two weeks, I might go back and redo them some time when I have time and I'm not feeling well, like I'll more than likely rework this picture because I'm not fully happy with it, but I'm sooooo dead right now all I want to do is lay down in my bed and pass out. However.. MUST WORK! I mean.. Smee, he's one of my favorite characters in Disney, basically because he's cute, and chubby, and a funny villain. He, in my opinion, is the reason why Peter Pan is so great! Him and the freaking crocodile, I loved Hook's reactions to hearing him. His style is very easy to translate into a wardrobe, luckily, all you need is blue stripes, comfortable shoes, and a red beanie! So I decided for this amazing dress from NYU, it has to be my favorite piece of this store by far, and it's saying a lot because they have so many great things. I also got the dorkiest glasses I could find because they're so adorable, and as far as the hair goes.. I know it's old and sculpted, but.. it has my RL and SL name on it, so I've never been able to rid it, and I'm so glad I didn't! Look at how amazing it is, and completes the outfit quite lovely. So.. on to the credits before I die!


    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Hazel
    Glasses: [(Burley)COLLECTIVE]_Midtown_Readers
    Top: NYU - Striped Long Blouse, White/Blue
    Jeans: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans ~ Dark
    Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - FlipFlops - Black
    Feet: [Gos] Boutique - Barefeet - Flat
    Pose: :: Focus Poses Androgyny Set_4 ::

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect


    So.. I'll admit, I've gone way overboard with the Arcade. Really, but.. this has got to be my favorite set of Arcade things ever, so much amazing things, so much talent, so much to play with! I decided to create a full bedroom using mostly Arcacde items, and using the amazing skybox from 22769 for the Challenge, available all this month. So.. I was lucky enough to finish the Tres Blah set. Yeah, I get to brag about that, I mean.. I worked hard for it! But.. It has got to be my favorite piece of furniture in SL thusfar, honestly, and I do adore the game sets from Second Spaces, and the piggies.. I had to make my piggies play them! Look! Devil piggy is about to get arrested too while he's playing with Cupid! 

    I honestly wanted to do something that reverted somewhat to childhood, because to me, that's what the Arcade this round is all about, appealing to that inner kid inside all of us. I mean.. those Zigana robots.. how they talk even? I've never been this excited about anything ever! And the dolls from The Secret Store.. I mean.. even the packaging is adorable! I'm honestly thinking about redoing my room, even with the art dummy bed that.. well, is kinda bland, for a rare. But really, amazing, all of it is so amazing, I couldn't be happier with this round. I'm clean out of linden, and not even going to complain about it! Hopefully you guys make it in, because.. really, this round is extremely worth it, a round of applause to all the designers that went above and beyond our expectations. And while we sleep, our dreams will make the things around us have a life of their own, our dream run the world wild, and that's really what this picture is all about. 

    The Arcade


    On Avatar:

    Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
    Hair: !lamb. I'll Be Your Mirror (Mesh) - Tiramisu
    Dress: Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress  Tie Dye Black for the Arcade
    Leggings: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 

    Room and Decor: 

    22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Little Warehouse Skybox for the Challenge (44 land impact)
    .lame - Kyle's Rug (Rugged) (2 land impact)
    floorplan. typewriter gacha / floral RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    .Olive. the Grandma's Treasures - Red and Solo Cup Hug for the Arcade(1 land impact)
    .Olive. the Grandma's Treasures - Billy the Fish for the Arcade(2 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* marble checkers * for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Cupid] for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* 4across set for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Sinful Bacon] for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Pork Patrol] for the Arcade(3 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* backgammon set for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* domino set for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    The Secret Store - Rag Dolls Collection - Cindy box for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* game of war for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    *Second Spaces* dice throw set for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    [*Art Dummy!] wake me. (bed no blanket) RARE for the Arcade (3 land impact)
    [*Art Dummy!] wake me. (clock headboard) for the Arcade (4 land impact, comes with the rare bed)
    {apple fall} Vogue Frame (1 land impact)
    Zigana Star light . ocean deep (1 land impact)
    Schadenfreude Octopus Dress Form for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Schadenfreude Antique Dress Form for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Noodles - Enchanted Rose Necklace Rare for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Noodles - Experiment 626 Bow RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Water Hole and trees for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Petunia the Pterodactyl for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Pizza the Plesiosaurus for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Stella the Stegosaurus for the Arcade(2 land impact)
    Trompe Loeil - Billiards Dresser 09 Ball for the Arcade (3 land impact)
    [*Art Dummy!] wake me. (large clock-pink) for the Arcade (4 land impact)
    !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Ol' Gentleman] for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Teacher's Pet] for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    Zigana Robot polaroid . Chip for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Zigana Robot lamp . Coconut for the Arcade (2 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity -  Dress Form for the Arcade (4 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Makeup Bag RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Mirror for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    Noodles - Take An Adventure Bow for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Compact RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Toiletries for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Brushes for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Nail Polishes for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Jewelry Tree RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    -tres blah- Vanity - Vanity Desk for the Arcade (7 land impact)
    [Commoner] Photo Album / Burn Book RARE for the Arcade (1 land impact)
    PILOT - Seduction Stool (2 land impact)
    Little House of Curios - Propellor Blades Wall Art for the Challenge


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