Meet the Writer: Sash Arabello

So what to say about myself? I suppose I'll start with the usual "Hi! This is Sash Arabello, and welcome to The Ramblings of an SL Shopaholic."

Now, I'm not good at doing this stuff, so you gotta hang with me!

I started blogging back in October of 2012. I've always been intrigued by fashion, and trends, and everything second life. I never thought I had the talent, nor dedication it took to run a blog, much less the photoshop skills you seem to need, but I was pushed to it!

Blogging isn't something that's easy, as some would think it. It takes hard work, and dedication, and getting started is always the first, trying to reach out to the community, but once you start, it's a vice, you can't stop, you want to better yourself, and you want to continue to grow, and spread the word about the amazing styles that you come up with.

Taking about style, what's my style? In all honesty.. I have so many faces, for the most part, I try to do classy conservative. Yes, I do a little sexy, but I do stick to the rule that less is more.

Want to know more about me? Follow me around! Here are the easiest ways to reach me!

SL In world name: Sash Arabello


Thank you for your interest in SL Shopaholic Rambles. And here's to hoping for a long time delivering more of Second Life fashion to you readers out there!

Sash Arabello


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