Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Teenage Dirtbag (More Arcade Goodies Preview!)

Teenage Dirtbag

Oh dear.. another day and another blog post? I might just be on a role. Or maybe it's just the fact that Arcade is almost here, and I always get uber excited when Arcade is upon us! I have just a couple more to show you guys cus.. I'm lucky enough to have a couple review packs out before the actual event is out... and well.. you're just going to die. Natalee Oodles, my uber talented awesome friend made more charm bracelets, and a charm necklace. BUT! Get this.. it's actually VILLAINS related! I mean.. forget the good guys, I like the villains. And.. I honestly genuinely believe that Natalee does love me now. I mean... Maleficent... HORNS. ON A HEADBAND. This was just made for me! This one is one of the rare prices, and it might just be one of my of my favorite releases for the Arcade, just because.. in my pretty little mind, it was made just for me. Natalee, you disagree, I'll kill you :). 

Not only do we have the awsome charms and headband by Noodles, but Olive has made a nice line of briefcases, and they also have them in backpack mode. One of my favorites, other than the Hogwarts colors, ofc, it's the one with the Mickey ears and the color pattern.. and the pretty bow on top all Minnie mouse like.. Rose.. this was just freaking brilliant, I loved it. So.. today.. I wanted to put it all together to make a very awkward look, cus.. I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby <3. Now.. let's just glare at the calendar until it's the first, sounds like a plan? I THINK SO.


Skin: Essences - Sash *peche* brunette (available soon)
Hair: [e] Tallulah - Essentials Pack *NEW*
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles (tattoo 2.x)
Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ strawberry cream
Horns: Noodles - Magnificent Horns RARE for the Arcade (available the 1st) for the Arcade (available the 1st)
Necklace: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Necklace Gold Collection 3
Shirt: erratic / mindy - tshirt / awkward white 
Bracelet: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Silver Collection 3 for the Arcade (available the 1st) 
Briefcase: .Olive. the Carry Me Satchel - Handy Mousketeer/L [RARE]  for the Arcade (available the 1st)
Shorts: Color.Me.H.O.F [TailoredShorts[Black]
Socks: Lark - Cozy Socks  (Argyle Meadow) w/ Slink Appliers
Pose: Marukin 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Favorite Places

My Favorite places

So just like every Monday.. Berry posted her challenge up, and today it's about your favorite places. And I sat for a while. I mean.. my list is pretty boring. I either shop, or stay in a platform forever. So.. I doubted pictures of a white box would have been very interesting, besides, it's not neat AT ALL, so.. that was out of the question. But.. then I thought.. when I'm not working, I actually do stuff... other than shopping.. I roleplay! And I mean, right now there's very few places that I enjoy, all with the drama and lame people, just.. no.. You know? Like.. not even going to be going into it because I don't like to be negative, but.. whatever. There's one place in the grid however, that always has me going back to it, and that's Mischief Managed. I've talked about it a lot of times, but.. it's picturesque, and it has awesome RP stuff going on, so.. of course I would love it. Further more, there's also a new sim around the grid for Game of Thrones RP that an old friend of mine that I met in Mischief Managed brought me too, and I've been having a lot of fun there too! So.. I guess my two favorite places in the grind are.. Mischief Managed, and Crownlands

I also wanted to take a couple moments right now to speak about a couple new releases. One.. Umm.. Can we please talk about the new uniforms that Damien Fate released for his Fateplay line? It has kid mesh sizes. You know.. they fit child av's, without toddleedoo, and not only that.. they're actually well made, and mesh. I think the whole Hogwarts community in SL wept in joy when this was released. 

Now.. shifting. ARCADE! Arcade is upon us, and I've been lucky enough to get a couple previews, and some more that i'll share in a blog post later this week. But.. well, if you're like me, you're awaiting for the Arcade to open up while jumping up and down your chair. No, really, is okay, this release is sooo exciting. For once.. the cute adorable chipmunks of MishMish.. I mean.. words can't even describe how adorable they are! And then you have the release of Lark. Lark is new this round in the Arcade, and I couldn't be happier to see them in this line up! Like.. It's uber exciting because Sienia is an amazing talented designer that works extremely hard and her creativity is just.. extraordinary. I think the release she made for the Arcade just shows us a glimpse of not only her talent, but that amazing creativity that she possesses that sets her apart from every designer out there. Her books and bookcase are really cleverly done, and the texturing is some of the best that I've seen in the gird in those books, and I'm not even exaggerating. I love these. So.. make sure to keep an out for her, and visit her store for other amazing stuff! Meanwhile, sit with me and glare at your pc, until it's time for you to get into the Arcade! 



Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ peche
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Misty [Roots] - Browns03
Uniform: FATEplay - Jenny - FATEpack
Socks: :AE: Appliers forSLINK Pantyhose Feet (Argyle)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Pickford Heels :: Night for Collabor88
Pose: Del May- Tilt


Chipmunks: *MishMish* Chipmunks for the Arcade (Opens the 1st)
Most of the Books: Lark - Imaginarium Librarium set for the Arcade (Opens the 1st)
Library: Lark - Imaginarium Librarium - Library Sage for the Acade (Opens the 1st)
Filler books: :CP: Ansel Book Pile : AF Arts & Crafts Books : Dutchie row of books
Chair: Dutchie wingback club chair

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Slytherin' Up with a 42.

Slytherin' Up

So it really shouldn't be a surprise that I love anything and everything Harry Potter. But.. well.. I should seriously change that. I don't love Harry Potter. I love the Death Eaters, and Voldemort, and the Malfoys, and Slytherin. So with school starting up, and also Mischief Managed about to start a new school year, I decided to do a small Slytherin look for my blog today, because.. I mean, why wouldn't I?

One of my favorite activities in Second Life is roleplaying. Before I got into blogging, and before I started to try to be a wanna be builder, all I did was roleplay. This goes back like.. Oh God guys.. 2006? I started out in Gor, like a lot of people, and then started moving towards either Hogwarts sims, or Urban sims. I still remember my first Hogwarts, with Harry Prefect and Darcy Ruthledge as owners. I met some amazing people there that I still keep in contact.. at times, I have to admit, I'm so shy at times I don't, but! I still keep in touch and love them, and have very fund memories of them. Now, I find myself in an awesome Hogwarts inspired sim, that is just so breath taking and well built, I guess it would be the closest thing to being in Hogwarts for real. I adore this sim, and I actually can't wait to be a part of the new school year! I'm going to be around amazing friends, new and old, and I think it's going to be fantastic. 

So.. I guess this ties in with the group meme that Berry posted this week, because as a blogger, wanna be builder, and a role player, juggling group spots is sooo hard! So I thought I'd give a crack at the meme this week. Here we go! 

Meme Instructions: Answer the following questions about groups and share some of your favs with us. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!
  1. Have you reached the 42 group limit? Yup. All the time, regardless how many times I try to clean up! Welp.
  2. Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? Yup, it's the only way to try to be able to manage them, really.
  3. What makes you want to join a group? Either they have to be a designer that I completely and totally love, a roleplay community I'm very active in, or blogger groups. With designers moving to subscriber style things that send you the item instead of you having to join a group it's starting to become easier to manage. Still though.. designers that don't use this system- PLEASE DO! Kay? Kay. I am so glad we had this talk.
  4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? I'm not a huge fan of group fees either. Though.. i guess.. at very few places it's worth it. The only two groups that I've joined that have group fees are Auxiliary, Mon Tissu, and Gos. The only reason is because the benefits surely do outweigh the cost. Though I'm starting to double thing about Mon Tissu, that was a hefty joining fee, and very little for it, I'll be honest. 
  5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.
    –>Mischief Managed - why? Because Harry Potter. Need I say more? I've always wanted to embark in my own Hogwarts story, and I finally get the chance to do it, so.. if you're an uber Harry Potter fan like I am.. join! But keep in mind.. Slytherin are the only cool people. If you're not Slytherin, you're really not part of the cool group. Specially if you're a badger. LOOKING AT YOU SCARLET CHANDRAYAAN!
    –> Auxiliary VIP group. You get free gifts often, and even though you have to pay a joining fee, Tyr and Ivy's designs are amazing. Love them.
    –> Noodles VIP group. Because.. Nat is an amazing jewelery designer, and she gives store credit for your purchases if you're wearing your VIP tag, and free group gifts. Just for a small joining fee. So of course it's worth joining!
    –> SLBlogger support if you're a blogger is a must! You get to keep up with the community and what's going on, and there's always someone there if you have questions, and they have a nifty little website that keeps up with everything blogger. Love that group.
So that's it for the 42 Blogger challenge..and.. don't forget to join Mischief Managed to become a Slytherin today! Big things will be happening soon! I promise. And don't join the Hufflepuff house. Badgers like to pretend they're cool.. but.. come on, really?


Skin: Essences - Sash 01 ~ light rose ~ for Collabor88
Hair: Clawtooth: Angeles - Girl Next Door for Collabor88
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles (tattoo 2.x)
Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude
Coat: (fashionably dead) Tweed Box Coat - Green for Collabor88
Ring: LaGyo_Sasha ring gold
Jeans: Maitreya Flare Jeans  #7
Shoes: fri. - Jane.Heels (Black)
Pose: Del May - Wait for me

Saturday, August 17, 2013

White Blank Page

White Blank Page

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! So I wanted to do something brief, I've just been getting into so many shenanigans lately it's hard to keep up with it all! I'm starting to work on mesh more, so that means my work here has been suffering, and with mesh comes stress, and with stress comes a destressant or something, which has been hanging around Inka, who will now be writing with us here in the blog! HOORAY for that! I'm actually uber exciter for Inka joining in here and being my blogging partner, and just.. partner in everything, I love that girl's face, and i've also been rp'ing a little.. but.. never the less, I decided to share some more new goodies, some from collab, others are old things, others are just.. I love them and you'll have to deal okay? Good. 

So Lelutka, new hair, and it comes with a hat.. obviously the hat didn't go with the outfit, but I totally loved the hair, it has a very free flowing form, and even though the picture /is/highly/edited/ the hair is for sure worth going over and demo'ing it. I mean.. comes with a hat, come on! Then I totally love this suit from Ison.. it's totally adorable, and just.. so mainly in a feminine manner, I love the draping work and just.. amazing work. Then.. we have who re released a couple of heels of hers, and I'm just totally in love, I'm loving slink add on shoes now, guys, I thought I wouldn't but.. I have to admit, the look of them is just amazing. So.. that brings us to accessories, LaGyo is one of my favorite places for jewelry, it's eccentric, high fashion, and just me, and it's also affordable, this set, the one with the cuff, actually comes with an HUD that allows you to change the color of the pieces so you can match your cuff to the outfit, or just make a color palette that you enjoy. The tattoo is new, from Tenjin for the Acid Lily event, which basically is all new, and has a new line up, and I'm uber excited. The tattoo is in a mesh sleeve, so you don't have to have it repeat in both arms, I kind of loved that, to be honest, and it also has the tattoo option if you want it repeating. Finally we have accessories by Remarkable Oblivion, whom I love, duh! I believe the headband is free in a group gift, if you join the group, though it might have been taken down.. you'll have to check, but the group is free to join! That's it for today guys! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 


Skin: Essences - Sash 01 ~ light rose ~ for Collabor88
Hair: [LeLutka]-GOGO hair - Pitch *newish*
Headband: RO - Diable Band - GG 
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Medium (tattoo 2.x)
Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ nude
Tattoo: Tenjin - Fairy Princess Tattoo for Acid Lily 
Cuff: LaGyo_Helen bangles Gold - SET B for Collabor88
Vest: ISON - razzle vest (black) for Collabor88
Top: Maitreya Bodysuit de la Ruche - White
Pants: ISON - razzle pleated pants (black) for Collabor88
Pin: RO - Insignia - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON - Purchase Container
Shoes: fri. - Jane.Heels (Black) *New*
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 (Unpack)
Nails: *Fishy Strawberry* Slink Fingernails -Extreme French HANDS
Ring: LaGyo_Sasha ring gold
Pose: Del May - Flamingo fashionista

Monday, August 12, 2013


Shoetopia 2013 Entry - Sash Arabello

It's the start of a new week, and it took me a while to get another blog post rolling out, but this weekend was the week of hell! Mainly been in bed all of the weekend, and right now.. honestly? I can't wait to get back in it! Treatment takes a huge tole on me, and well, I'm just glad that blogging is my only job, else I'd be kinda messed up! But.. One thing I love about Mondays is the fact that  it's Meme Mondays! I loooove Berry's memes, most of the times it's a good way for our readers to get to know more about us, and it's also a good way to get to know ourselves just a little bit. Or sometimes just make fools of ourselves. Others like the movie poster challenge, have fun! This week is all about inventory. Welp. I hate inventory. That Narnia of doom that feels like it's going to explode. Granted, I've done an okay job at keeping things boxed.. just.. no. Bad Narnia. Bad! So.. I'm going to start with today's meme.. and scare a couple of people that, perhaps. 

  • What is your current inventory number? – 55,885. I do a lot of boxing, luckily, so it's managed to knock a good couple thousand out (pro tip I learned in plurk, sizes you don't use, like the L's and stuff, box them! That way they don't bulk you up. 
  • If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – Totally going to copy Berry here, and say my hair folder. I'd die if it went missing, like.. so much work, so much love, so many linden. 
  • What is the last thing you purchased? –  I actually don't remember, it's been about two weeks since I've gone shopping, I've been absolutely broke RL, so.. yeah, no shopping until check clears. I'm looking at you Compass Bank. 
  • Which item do you wear most often? – Essences skin. Any of them! Right now is the Sash skin, because.. I mean, Sash. 
  • When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (NO LYING!) – HAHA! I'm a good girl. Prove! NOTHING. Gyazo'd for prove! I'm a very good and sweet and innocent girl! HAHA.
  • With that being said. BLOGGERS! Shoetopia is looking for bloggers: Make sure to apply here. Or don't. I mean.. more chances for me to get on :D. This post I made so I could apply actually. Some of my favorite shoes are these Gos shoes. I love the fact that they're black. Frilly, and they have a skin match system with a mesh foot to perfectly match my amazing skin. So by far.. I have to say that these Gos shoes are just.. amazing. And the platform.. I mean.. I can go around normal sl, and be okay sized with all the giant SL people.. and all without messign with my shape! I completely just adore these shoes. R3volt also has a new release.. these panties just.. they're way too adorable, I love the frills, I love the teal polkadots of it, and the little bows around them... my favorite short shorts now. I kept it very simple with the styling. Used one of the cuffs from Noodles, and the bag, which i love, from Adore&Abhor because.. I mean.. giant fortune cookie.. why wouldn't I love these amazing little bag? If your'e more into the eccentric, cute things in the grid, this is by far a must! And I finished it off with hair from Lelutka, and my Sash skin from Essences, new from Collabor88! That's really about it, I feel like I'm rambling on and on about awesome stuff, but.. that's about it folks! Happy Shopping! And if you're applying for Shoetopia, good luck! 


    Skin: Essences - Sash 03 ~ light rose ~ for Collabor88
    Hair: [LeLutka]-JOLIE_RM hair/Dark Pitch
    Top: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top BLACK
    Purse: +>A&A<+ Fortune Cookie Bag - Original 
    Cuff: Noodles - Millie Rose Cuff Silver/Beige for Collabor88
    Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1  (with LightRose Essences appliers)
    Shorts: [R3] - Kacey Frills Panties [V3]
    Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Mae Platform - Black
    Pose: Glitterati- Beauty015

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    Fly Me to the Moon

    Over the moon

    fly me to the moon

    It's Collabor88's birthday again, it's weird.. thinking that I've been in SL this long. But let's see.. last year.. I didn't even blog. Not at this time, no, but I was getting incredibly close to coming into the blogging scene.. or rather making my mind up finally. Welp. I spent all my lindens in Collab and.. oh.. wait.. no.. no. That hasn't changed. :/. I guess I do get some review copies now, but.. I'd like to say.. blogging is not a hobby to get free crap. I mean, yes, the free stuff designers give us does help a lot. But! For the most part.. we buy. Just like you. If not more, just so we're able to keep up with the current trends and deliver you new inventive outfits to spice up your sl life. Rant over. But.. I'd like to add that.. in just one year, the growth of every single designer out there is just.. spectacular. I mean, I've always LOVED Huge fan of her work, but.. you know what? The growth she's made in the past year, moving out of sculpts and layers, it's been huge! These shoes that go along with Slink feet (WARNING! YOU NEED SLINK MEDIUM FEET((POINTY TOE ONES)) IN ORDER TO WEAR THESE AMAZINGLY ADORABLE SHOES.) just come to prove the incredible growth that Darling Monday has had as a designer, and let's not even bring up her furniture shop, we'd be talking for DAYS. Tyr Rozemblum. I ADORE Tyr's designs.. Have for years. I actually told her this. I've been following her since.. well, back in the days of Tyranny designs when she had the skins, and stuff.. found her in a hunt, never let go as a costumer, and now look at her, in my opinion, she does some of the best mesh drape work I've seen, and the texturing, it's just.. simply divine. This dress speaks volumes of just how far Tyr has come as a designer, Love this. And you know what.. this year has also brought a lot of new designers, point in case, Aime Takaaki of MishMish. It seems like just yesterday that Celeste Forwzy came strolling around with the shrubbie, and saying in skype "oh.. MishMish" to the point that I would just double over laughing. Now.. months after that shrubbie, she's in the Arcade, in Collab, and look at these adorable things she's made, and that moon for limited 50? Can you really get any more adorable that that? Toy wise, she's one of my favorite designers, and she's one of the kindest people that I know. Finally, we have the Sash skin, which.. I love. Yes, it not only has my name on it, but it looks so adorable, I just can't with it. I've followed Inka since.. well.. back when I used to frequent the dressing room, and now she's also in the line up for collab, even if it's just as a guest. All of these people.. have such an amazing talent, and just looking back at how the year has passed, and how they've grown, well, I get a little sentimental. That's really all I have to say.. just.. make sure to visit Collab in this special event, their birthday! And get some amazing stuff to add to your Narnias! 


    Skin: Essences - Sash 02 ~ light rose ~ brunette for Collabor88
    Hair: Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Natural Fusion
    Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Medium (tattoo 2.x) (new)
    Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
    Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
    Jewelry: .Pekka. Pyr cross set - Gold
    Dress: [aux]Studded Cocktail - Plum for Collabor88
    Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 (Unpack)
    Leggings:[Aux]Low Rise Leggings - Black 
    Shoes: fri. - Peggy.T-Straps (Midnight) for Collabor88
    Moon: *MishMish* Sitting on the Moon for Limited50
    Peacoks: *MishMish* White and Blue Peacocks Pack for Collabor88

    Thursday, August 8, 2013

    What's Your Sign?

    The Zodiac

    So.. due to technical difficulties, I missed last meme, but.. fear no more! I am doing these weeks! Now that we have gotten the difficult.. well.. some of it anyways, stuff out of the way, we can move on to light hearted crap once more, all while trying to keep the promise we made in the last challenge. Positive, and crap like that? Kidding :D But.. yes, it's time for us to have some fun! Here we go to Berry's questions, followed by some more random crap by.. yours truly. And also.. just because I'm genuinely proud of how this turned out.. I'm including a raw shot, cus.. yeah.. I didn't know I could do this. RAW SHOT TIME.

  • What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – November 24th, I'm a Sagittarius. Hence the pic!  
  • Do you believe in or follow astrology? – Not really, no.. I mean, sometimes I do it for fun, but most of the time, I think it's just lucky guesses. Lucky broad guesses. So I guess that's really it? However, sometimes it's really really fun to look up at stuff online and be like.. *welp* That's sooo me! Or "Omg, that's sooo true!" And then you forget it and go on with your daily activities pretty much. 
  • Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? – Free spirted, and extremely loyal. Honest to a fault, and extremely clumsy. :/ I'm kinda out of luck, aren't I? At least I'll have fun being lead blindly to my doom? Kinda feels like that's what it's meant to be.... but.. joking aside! They say we're good leaders, I don't feel like I am though, I tend to be quieter, and just.. stay to myself, I'm scared of hurting others, so... yeah.. that good leader thing.. not so much. 
  • Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?) No, kind of want to go though! Just for the lol's, of course.
  • Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day? They still do the daily thing with advice and what is going to happen this week? *welp* well, there's your answer, folks! 
  • Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive? Not really, they're fun to read.. but that's just about it, I don't believe in them, run my life by them, or anything.. I just do my own thing. 
  • Yay! This week was short! I guess I don't have much to say on the subject.. but.. the quote I used on my picture, I thought it represents what is said about Sagittariuses in a positive way. It's said by Richard Bach, a writer, and whether you're a Sagittarius or not.. this quote is beautifully inspiring. "Dream what you dare to dream, Go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Live." Gorgeous, and rings soooo true for anyone! 

    Other than that.. Collab just opened up.. and the lovely Inka Mexicola, my new wife, might I add.. just.. don't even ask. There was eloping, and crying and lots of love, but.. whatever, she named this skin after me, and I felt so special.. cus.. no one has ever named anything after me, so.. waterworks, and crap like that, but.. the skin comes in different make up sets, or you can make your own like I do, and add all kinds of stuff to it, like my freckles and beauty marks. Natalee Oodles also made a wonderful set in memory of Millie Gears that's worth picking up for sure. I mean.. headbands. We all know how that gets me excited. Finally, this little set by Rose is creating quite a stir, and it's available at SL Fashion week! So make sure to go and grab yours so you don't feel left out! That's really about all for today guys! Have a good one! 


    Skin: Essences - Sash 02 ~ light rose ~ for Collabor88
    Hair: [LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE Hair - Pitch
    Headband: Noodles - Millie Rose Headband Silver/Pink for Collabor88
    Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Medium (tattoo 2.x) )
    Beauty Marks: Essences - Beauty Marks
    Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
    Lashes: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - EyeLashes
    Eyeliner: {.essences.} Eyeliner V2.0
    Lipstick: Essences - Pastel Lip Balm 06
    Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3 
    Nails: *Fishy Strawberry* Slink Fingernails -Extreme French HANDS
    Necklace1: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace - S
    Necklace2:.Olive. the Mine! Zodiac Necklace - Sagittarius [Gold] for SL Fashion Week
    Dress: -tres blah- Frilly Dress  - Cream
    Pose: Olive Juice: Kate2

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    Challenge Yourself

    Challenge Yourself

    Today I want to part away from the usual ramblings of fashion and decor. Today it's something very deep, and sad. A serious subject that in my opinion, blogger or not.. this is a challenge we should all do, and take part in. I am writing this from the bottom of my heart, and with nothing short of brutal honesty. I don't know what will come out, but.. you've been advice. If you're looking for pretty light hearted funny stuff. Today's not it. Sorry. But this is just too serious and important in my opinion.

    It's with a heavy heart that I say that Millie Gears has passed. I did't really know her. I saw her around, and saw her plurks, heard about her, read her blog. Still, her death comes as a surprise. It's always sad to see a good person go so soon. So undeserved. And I kick myself in the ass every moment when I think about this. Why? I lost the opportunity to get to know someone wonderful, a person that filled so many lives in SL with such joy and beauty. I'm truly sorry that I let some sort of twisted perception of shyness get in the way of this. 

    Natalee Oodles, one of my closest friends, has actually started a challenge in memory of Millie. I find this to be beautiful, and fitting, and if I were to die, it would be nothing but an honor for people to think of me this way. Instead of mourning the loss, trying to move forwards, and inspire others to do the same. I'm in tears when I say this is the most beautiful memorial you can give a person. Thank you Nat, you've started something that hopefully will inspire many more to do the same, and make Millie's footstep in this world never fading. The challenge can be found here, along with Natalee's very heart felt post. With that said.. we're supposed to say what we're thankful for, and what we would change, or rather improve in ourselves. So.. I'll start.

    What am I thankful for? I'd say life, but.. Natalee already said that. Instead, I'm going to say every single meaningful moment that I have with my friends and family. I can't help but to feel like I have a clock ticking away, that will soon run out, doctors don't really help with that. But it's because of this.. that every moment I laugh with a friend, every moment I hug my husband, when we kiss, when I get to see my sister, when I hear my father laughing, when I tell my mother how much I love her.. that's what I'm thankful for. In a world with so much hate and ugliness, there can be so much beauty found. I never understood what my father felt when he was given two months to live. Granted, it's been ten years, but.. that burden, that need to make everything be worthwhile. Or my grandmother's words in what was basically her death bed, unity, love.. I cherish all of that, and I now fully understand them. When you see someone.. instead of hurting them, of breaking them down, tell them just how much they mean to you. How much you love them. Let Millie be a lesson to all of us, why waste time in bitterness? They could be gone tomorrow. You could be gone tomorrow. Instead of doing this, build them up, share a moment that will cherish for a lifetime. No matter how long or short that lifetime is. 

    As for what I need to improve on? Lord.. there's so much. For one, I'm done with negativity. Really. Done. Why waste our time saying this person is that, or this.. when.. really, does it even matter? If you're not going to help that person become a better them.. then why fill yourself with such poison? The gossiping among friends, or others.. the crap we spread around, and how it makes us feel that there's some sort of entitlement to the way we feel. Like for example, when we see someone wearing something we hate, and we bash them for it! Most of us do it, I know this for a fact, but.. what's really the point? At the end of the day, all we could be doing is hurting someone. And what's so good about that? Nothing really. It makes us into the same type of people that we hate. I'm done with this. No more. I'm done with shyness too. I usually feel like I'm either not good enough, or too good for someone. Bullshit. Seriously, Normally I don't cuss in my blog, but that's just bullshit, Sasha. Everyone here is an equal, with different tastes, needs, desires. Who are we to say what's right and wrong? No one. The sad truth is that we're no one. So what am I going to do about this? I'm dropping it all. Clean slate for everyone, and anything. Whatever thoughts, believes, likes, or desires you have, they're no worse or better than mine. I'm not going to feel better, or worse about myself based on this. I will talk to you like I talk to a friend, and if you hurt me, that's on you buddy, I'll be alright, but my conscience is clear. And I'm done being shy, it'll probably take some work but.. why? All I'm doing is hurting myself. I'm missing out in chances of getting to know some really amazing people, like I did with Millie. And that just won't do. Not anymore. 

    So.. that's all for me. What about you? What are you thankful for? And what will you improve? Take a good look at yourself. Be critical. It'll hurt, but.. that's the first step to being a better us. Millie, I didn't know you, really, and I'm sorry for this. But thank you. This taught me a lot of things, and for this.. I'm going to try to be a better me. So even though I didn't know you, you've just made a big impact in my life. And for that, I thank you ever so much. To the rest of you, again, I beg you, take this seriously, let Millie's life, whether you knew her, or not, teach us all a lesson. A lesson that we should never take things for granted. People for granted. You never know when they'll be gone. 


    Skin: Essences - Sash skin for Collabor88 (opens tomorrow!)
    Hair: [LeLutka]-DULCINA hair - Praline
    Eyelids: Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
    Lipstick: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ cheeese
    Tattoo: !Fablab! Believe Tattoo
    Top: Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse White
    Skirt: Tee*fy Odette Skirt Black/Metallic Sliver
    Bracelet: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold v2
    Pose: !bang - stand 321

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    I Put a Spell on You

    I Put a Spell on You

    So.. I don't know what's going on with Disneybound, but.. like.. I know that this week is Rapunzel, Tangled. I'll be honest, I like the songs. I like the mom, I didn't care much for the actual movie. I'm going to be murdered again. But.. there was a little hidden gem in Fameshed this round.. a dress by Eclectic, and even though it's not Disneybound, and I thought about maybe saving this look for it.. I can't contain it. I adore Maleficent, and when it's time again to do her, if they add her to the list, well, I'm going to do her again. But.. I just adore her, okay? Don't judge me. This dress by Eclectic totally screamed out to me, I saw the staff, I saw the evil look in the eyes, and I was like.. if Maleficent was in modern day earth.. that's so what she would have worn. So... here it is.. I based a whole look around this outfit. I thought about doing it without a staff, but.. it just wasn't the same, so I was lucky enough to find an unscripted freebie at the market place, and the detail of it was just.. perfect. So.. I used ti to tie out the whole look together and bring the vision of Maleficent to SL, modern style, and with the class she deserves. Anyways, I hope you guys like it, I'm working on a couple big posts, and also been kind of feeling sick some, so I've been kind of slow with the posts, but I apologize, but I swear there are some biggies to come! Rest assured. I plan on at least one other home blog this week ish, or next, a skin blog, and more fun stuff to come. 


    Skin: Essences - Whisper ~ brown sugar ~
    Hair: !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) - Ink
    Lips: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint(t) ~ sweet heart
    Jewelry Set: *Mon Cheri* Norah Jewelry Set  Black
    Dress: Eclectic! Vest Dress (Plum Vest) for fameshed
    Staff: NEMISCEL Mage Staff (free)
    Leggings: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 
    Shoes: Baiastice_Athena pumps-black
    Pose: (marukin) frais- Being Frank

    Saturday, August 3, 2013

    Home Sweet Home

    Guess what time it is? HOME BLOG TIME! I just redid my house, and I'm breaking it into two parts because I'm tired, even though once Cory Edo releases the new house from Collab I'll probably be changing. Again. But whatever. At least I'll make good use of this while I can.

    home sweet home

    Home Sweet Home

    The Loft - Verona Pool (34 LI total)
    Lark - Floating Tiki Bar for Flux (14 LI)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Chair With Pillow Brights for Fameshed (4 LI each)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Coffee Table for Fameshed (2 LI)
    floorplan. police box gacha / blue RARE (4 LI)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Chest Fleur De Lis Dark for Fameshed (2 LI)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Cabinet Circle Inlay for Fameshed (3 LI)
    <!WorN?> Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament for Flux (2 LI)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Couch Brights for Fameshed (9 LI)
    Trompe Loeil - Oceania Paper Globe Lamp for Fameshed (3 LI)
    fri.home -  border rug (1 LI)

    Two major events are going on right now. Flux, and Fameshed, and though there were a lot of things that didn't fit my style in Flux.. I have to admit, Lark did totally amazing with this floating Tiki. It comes with all the poses in in (Including the one I used in the picture) and, you don't have to accept an attachment, go into your inventory, wear it, and then remember to take it off.. no.. the sit just asks you if it's okay to attach the item to you! I thought that was a pretty cool feature, but I'm a dork, so.. sue me. So.. yeah, I had to use my pool just for this item, because.. amazing, and the lights also come on their own if you just want the flamigo lights, so.. pretty cool stuff! The pool is old, well.. relatively speaking, it's been collecting dust in my Narnia for about a month or two, so I thought it was time to finally show it off. And then the yard flamingo was.. totally worth it, amazing add for your garden if you want some giggles. 
    Then we have Fameshed. Now, it's not a secret that I totally love Fameshed, and Trompe's release ofr it was amazing to go with this pool set. Classy, sophisticated, and colorful, fits great indoors for a more relaxed feel at home, but.. personally, I like it outside with all my cool awesome stuff because.. well.. it fits. Don't forget to visit these two events going on NOW to get some of these goodies, along with a lot of other goodies. 


    Skin: Essences *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose 02 ~ brunette for Collab (ending soon!)
    Hair: -LaViere- Joana/Mint
    Lips: Essences - Pastel Lip Balm 03
    Glasses: *BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Titanium)
    Headband: [Atooly] Mustache Headband Pink 
    Bracelet: [Atooly] Mustache Bracelet Pink
    Swimsuit: Lark - Ruffled Swimsuits for The Kollective 
    Tattoo: !Fablab! Believe Tattoo
    Pose: oOo wobble_seven

    Thursday, August 1, 2013

    Death by Diamonds and Pearls

    Death by Diamonds and Pearls

    So, I decided to redo my av.. again. Mainly because I'm really in love at the moment with the Cho skin from essences. Inka is right, the cute little button nose is just to die for, and the lips in the Collabor88 pack, and the soft feel to it.. yeah.. okay Inka, you got me, I'm totally freaking in love this this skin, and I never want to take it off. Darn you. Still love you though. So.. yeah.. for now this will be my new av. Also, there was a new release by r3volt today, this lovely jacket with an HUD to change the color of it, and it's just amazing.. to be hnest, I kept it black because.. well.. I wanted a rocker feel to it.. but.. when I saw this jacket it made me want to get a tank top on, some jeans, and go for a ride.. in my epic scooter of epicness. Yes.. I'll admit. I rode the scooter in my platform, and again, forgot everything, and fell down to the sim, to this spot that I took the picture on. Welp. It's awesome really Libby and Nat are doing an amazing job in the sim, and I should really work on the house but.. I've been a total slacker, but anyways.. if you haven't seen this little building behind my really awesomely badass av, it's by MishMish! My little lovely bunny made it, and it's only 11 land impact, low lag, very simple, but the perfect piece for your land, it was for food fair, but if it's not in her mainstore by now, it should be soon! Make sure to grab it, the building is really a simple cute adorable little thing that you never really know when it will become handy.. besides, like.. 11 land impact guys, that's like.. a steal in prims for such a cute little thing. So.. make sure to grab it, and give Aime plenty of carrots, I hear she likes that.
    Anyways, I'm kind of like.. sucking in the whole writing thing, but I've been feeling really sick today, so.. forgive me! Anyways, here are the credits, I hope you guys like and.. welp! That's all folks! <3


    Skin: Essences *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose 01 ~ brunette at Collab (ending soon!)
    Hair: [e] Conclusion - Black 04 (Closed)
    Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Hazel
    Neck Tattoo: !Fablab! Believe Tattoo
    Necklace: MG - Necklace - Disco Lover Sparkly Cross
    Jacket: [R3] - Tessa Jacket [V2]
    Tanktop: JANE - intrinsic tank.browns
    Jeans: Maitreya Flare Jeans #8
    Scooter/Pose: {what next} Scooter Seafoam mesh 
    Patisserie: *MishMish* Patisserie

    Be My Little Rock and Roll Queen

    I'm too tired to title

    Okay.. so.. Did you guys know that I'm obsessed with the color teal lately? Or anything close to it? Kind of I am, really, and.. just.. I got this top today, and I went crazy with the color scheme of it, and just.. it grew into a burst of pink, and still I freaking love this outfit like.. woah, just.. I didn't plan for the skirt and top to go together so perfectly, it's crazy, it's like they were meant for each other. I love how the belly shows, and the jewels in the top, and.. even though.. you all know, I /hate/ Lola's, they come with the attachment for it! So.. win win, for people like me, we can still wear the top. Then.. I just.. the skirt from Blueberry is one of my favorites, I'll be honest, and I should wear it more often. Hair from Alice Project, because.. if you get the Infinity Pack, which is a little more expensive, like.. you can forever change your color with just one purchase, or additional HUD's can be purchased too, up to you. Then I finished it off with the shoes from Fashionably dead, and leggings from The Secret Store. In pink, of course. I had to keep the theme going. Over all, I'm very happy with the end result, and just.. I think I might forever wear this outfit. 


    Skins: Essences *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose ~ brunette (Collab round ending soon, get it while you can!)
    Hair: Alice Project - Steph II - Infinity
    Head Tattoo: Corvus : Chaos Kanji Tattoo
    Neck Tattoo: !Fablab! Believe Tattoo
    Top: *Mon Cheri* Cropped Color block top (w/Tango) - Teal/HotPink
    Skirt: Blueberry Lillie *Mesh* High Waist Skirt Pink and Blue
    Leggings: The Secret Store - Pink wool tights
    Boots: (fashionably dead) Bowie Heels (Chocolate)
    Pose: Demise of Flight : Precious 1


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