Friday, August 9, 2013

Fly Me to the Moon

Over the moon

fly me to the moon

It's Collabor88's birthday again, it's weird.. thinking that I've been in SL this long. But let's see.. last year.. I didn't even blog. Not at this time, no, but I was getting incredibly close to coming into the blogging scene.. or rather making my mind up finally. Welp. I spent all my lindens in Collab and.. oh.. wait.. no.. no. That hasn't changed. :/. I guess I do get some review copies now, but.. I'd like to say.. blogging is not a hobby to get free crap. I mean, yes, the free stuff designers give us does help a lot. But! For the most part.. we buy. Just like you. If not more, just so we're able to keep up with the current trends and deliver you new inventive outfits to spice up your sl life. Rant over. But.. I'd like to add that.. in just one year, the growth of every single designer out there is just.. spectacular. I mean, I've always LOVED Huge fan of her work, but.. you know what? The growth she's made in the past year, moving out of sculpts and layers, it's been huge! These shoes that go along with Slink feet (WARNING! YOU NEED SLINK MEDIUM FEET((POINTY TOE ONES)) IN ORDER TO WEAR THESE AMAZINGLY ADORABLE SHOES.) just come to prove the incredible growth that Darling Monday has had as a designer, and let's not even bring up her furniture shop, we'd be talking for DAYS. Tyr Rozemblum. I ADORE Tyr's designs.. Have for years. I actually told her this. I've been following her since.. well, back in the days of Tyranny designs when she had the skins, and stuff.. found her in a hunt, never let go as a costumer, and now look at her, in my opinion, she does some of the best mesh drape work I've seen, and the texturing, it's just.. simply divine. This dress speaks volumes of just how far Tyr has come as a designer, Love this. And you know what.. this year has also brought a lot of new designers, point in case, Aime Takaaki of MishMish. It seems like just yesterday that Celeste Forwzy came strolling around with the shrubbie, and saying in skype "oh.. MishMish" to the point that I would just double over laughing. Now.. months after that shrubbie, she's in the Arcade, in Collab, and look at these adorable things she's made, and that moon for limited 50? Can you really get any more adorable that that? Toy wise, she's one of my favorite designers, and she's one of the kindest people that I know. Finally, we have the Sash skin, which.. I love. Yes, it not only has my name on it, but it looks so adorable, I just can't with it. I've followed Inka since.. well.. back when I used to frequent the dressing room, and now she's also in the line up for collab, even if it's just as a guest. All of these people.. have such an amazing talent, and just looking back at how the year has passed, and how they've grown, well, I get a little sentimental. That's really all I have to say.. just.. make sure to visit Collab in this special event, their birthday! And get some amazing stuff to add to your Narnias! 


Skin: Essences - Sash 02 ~ light rose ~ brunette for Collabor88
Hair: Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Natural Fusion
Freckles: [PXL] Face freckles Medium (tattoo 2.x) (new)
Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Gray
Jewelry: .Pekka. Pyr cross set - Gold
Dress: [aux]Studded Cocktail - Plum for Collabor88
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1 (Unpack)
Leggings:[Aux]Low Rise Leggings - Black 
Shoes: fri. - Peggy.T-Straps (Midnight) for Collabor88
Moon: *MishMish* Sitting on the Moon for Limited50
Peacoks: *MishMish* White and Blue Peacocks Pack for Collabor88


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