Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You're jokin'! You're jokin'! I Can't Believe My Eyes!

And so, my lovies, it indeed has arrived, the day of days in this wonderful month- Halloween. As such, we will continue our exploration of Nightmare Before Christmas songs with one of my favorties.. 'Cause I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie Man, and you ain't going nowhere!

Right, so I wanted to do a classy, yet scary look for Halloween, well, my first of three posts for today. So, I did what any sensible person /would/ do and headed over to the Costume Ball, and checked out what they had.. I have to admit, I grabbed a lot of things, like the hair from Wasabi Pills which is completely adorable, some other things I'll be blogging about, and this little number by Happy Undead. It's called the Black Widow dress, and the corset work, and the way it fits with the dress, I love it. It's also got a cool feature I hadn't seen before. The sizes, they're divided like.. for me, I'm normally an XS size in sl, but in here, the XS sizes come as XS-S XS-M and XS-L. For me, I landed in the XS-M size, which.. I have to say, I love this system because it makes the clothes look closer to your shape, which is one of the bad things/good things about mesh.. it kind of resizes your av to the clothes at times. 

"It's funny, I'm laughing! 
You really are too much!
And now, with your permission,
I'm going to do my stuff."


Skin: {essences.} Indy Gentle Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes- London Fog
Hair- /Wasabi Pills/ Christy Mesh Hair - Lemon tea @ the Costume Ball 
Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set - Platinum
Dress: Happy Undead - Black Widow Dress @ The Costume Ball 


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