Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cracked Mirror, Cracked Spirit

So, remember how I said that Cracked Mirror had an amazing subscriber gift tee? Yup, I'm putting it up. It's completely free, and really well done, simple, and cute! And who doesn't love V for Vendetta? Now if only they had a Kill Bill one D:. Talking of which.. KILL BILL 3 COMING OUT. WOOT!

So, just because my character got a little beat up in Crack Den, a fabulous rp community sim that if you haven't gone, you must! Most of the scenery I use for the blog comes from there :x So props to Nadir Taov for the amazing build <3. Anyways, just because of that, I'm going to be keeping the bruise tat layer which is cute in a sad way.


Skin: {.essences.} Indy skin 
Eyes: Ikon- Utopia in Blue
Bruises: Bruised Full Body Found in marketplace
Hair: !lamb. Wild at Heart- Honeycomb Root
Shirt: (Cracked Mirror) Vendetta Tee (free in subscriber)
Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts~ Black
Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots~ Black


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