Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Look, brought by The Secret Store

Ok, so it's not a secret, I adore the Secret Store, their styles are uber chic, so cute, and I am completely in love with their designs. So today.. I really just dug through my inventory and tried to clean it out... and forgot some of the old cute stuff that I had bought over the past.

For example, this old hair style by D!va, normally, I'll admit, not the biggest D!va fan, but this hair from collabor88 is super cute! And it's mesh.. and I'll say something about mesh... mesh is the best thing that has ever happened to hair! I mean.. no longer having your hair stick inside you through shots.. gotta love that.

I also found this old skirt, and older top still for sale at The Secret Store.. Again.. normally I'd flip because it's not mesh.. but.. never sticks inside of my body, looks cute, and is so well textured, all I have to say is.. Love. It's odd, I really am an advicate for shopping mesh only now.. but.. I have to admit, there are some none mesh items that still make me drool.


Skin: {.essences.} Indy skin
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Aya" (Topaz)
Top: The Secret Store - Puffy Blouse - Snow 
Skirt: Cherie's Flared Skirt - So Girly - The Secret Store
Socks: The Secret Store - Lace knit socks - Snow
Shoes: (epoque.s) Revolution Pumps 


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