Friday, October 19, 2012

More TDR Goodness

So.. I went back to The Dressing Room tonight.. just to check out what other goodies there were. I was not disappointed!

It should not be a secret that I'm totally in love with Essences skins, the highlights and shadows of the skin are phenomenal, and I completely adore how they make the noises, and the small freckles and mole details... Yeah, I'm a fan. So, the new skin that they have there.. at a bargain price of 75L or so.. Yeah, totally worth it. I swear, sometimes you find the best skins at the cheapest of prices.. when skins are normally the most expensive thing in the world.

I also found a cute new tee, which is more.. elegant and professional, which totally fits me, so I had to get it. I paired it up with some pumps and the Oxford skirt of Mon Tissu. And I thought that the black hair looked better with the skin rather than the normal blonde that I wear, so... I totally went with my Mischief Managed character, which is a totally awesome Harry Potter sim you should check out, and gave her a makeover, slightly so, anyways. If you haven't been to Mischief Managed, it's actually an amazingly well built sim, full mesh build, that really lets you feel as if you were indeed in Hogwarts. Just the build alone is worth checking out.


Skin: {.essences.} Fallulah - TDR
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes London Fog
Hair: TRUTH Brandy w/Roots - raven
Top: MichaMi: Hilma in Navy  TDR
Skirt: {mon tissu} Oxford Pencil Skirt
Shoes: (epoque.s) Revolution Pumps


Nicolette Blogger said...

Pretty! You always look great in essences!

Unknown said...

Lol, I have no clue why, but I do always love their skins.. so.. works? xD

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