Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The World is Not Enough

So, going through the grid, I found a great place for men's clothes that also has some female goodies, and well, I thought, why not?

You might have heard of it, it's a little place called Kauna and their clothes... well, they're to die for! The opened shirt for women it's a must have for all girls out there that like to raid their man's closet. And the military jacket that they have? Extremely cute! And not only that.. it has limitless combinations since it comes with an HUD that you can control the color of every piece of it, like the actual coat, the strands, the buttons.. so.. you can make every wacky combination your heart desires.

Today I'm going to be showing you my favorite looks, a suit for me, and the opened shirt for women, which make for an extremely sexy look for all. Classy and sexy, reminds me of James Bond. And since the model's name is James for my guy.. well, kinda fits, right?

Also, last note for Kauna, it's extremely reasonably priced. The suit was around 800L, and the shirt around 250L on me? So.. not that big of a dent in your pocket for the quality mesh work that they do.


On James: 

Skin: Pulse Skin Equinox/rp 3/e6
Eyes: Pulse Eyes Marcel #6
Eyepatch:  Spike's Eye Patch
Scars: Custom work by Matsui Thei, owner of 
.:*:.Itsumo Happy.:*:.
Hair:  >TRUTH< Liam Streaked - treacle
Suit: Kauna - 2pc Suit: Black

On Sash: 

Skin: {.essences.} Indy Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes- London Fog
Hair: Truth- Monday w/ Roots- Tahiti
Necklace: [Glow] Studio- Crosses Necklace (Gold)
Top: Kauna- Open Shirt: Black
Lingerie: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set- Pink Lace Panty


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