Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Sense There's Something in the Wind.. That Seems Like Tragedy's at Hand

Ah, another Halloween themed post, because there haven't been enough around the blogging circuit, right? :P

Well, This one has to do with Plastik, and something that will probably only be available for today. Lazy Sunday is once again upon us, and it is Plastik today that wins it, for 75L You get an amazing little dress, two different pairs of eyes, shoes, a pumkin outfit, and three different mesh tops. Sure, a little Halloweenish on all of them. But come on guys! 75L!

I'm kind of going to be focusing more on the stuff that can be worn year round, like these amazing mesh eyes, and this amazing little dress. Sure, the dress has a skull, but come on! It's adorable, and seriously.. it's ornate enough so that it can pass for year round wear. So, Plastik, thanks for making me feel like Halloween is Christmas, and with that, we will bring another Nightmare Before Christmas related post.

Also, on the background, that would be one of my favorite sims too, the Mischief Managed sim, and right at the entrance of the Dark Forest, because nothing says Halloween more than going for a midnight stroll in the Dark Forest.

I did tell you this was my favorite movie of all time, didn't I? You'll just have to deal with it, lovies. :P.


Skin: {.essences.} Indy skin
Eyes: [Plastik]-VaeCollection--Starlight For Lazy Sunday
Hair: TRUTH Milly w/Roots - night
Lipgloss: DeeTaleZ Lips rose gloss
Dress: :[P]:- Insidious:Muerte-Bronze for Lazy Sunday 
Socks: The Secret Store - Lace knit socks - Snow
Shoes: {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Black


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