Saturday, November 24, 2012

All I Want Is You

Today's my birthday, and first official day back from Orlando. So no more crappy laptop, no more difficult graphics to work with, just pure awesomeness. Yay! Update on my grandmother, she's doing much better, but sadly, she does have a mass in her stomach the size of a soccer ball, and it is malignant, meaning it's a cancer tumor. Now, because of her age, she can't go through chemo, nor can she handle a major surgery to remove it, so the only course of action doctors have is to give her radiology treatment to stop the growth. She's going for a totally of 18 rounds, she's got 14 left, I think. Meanwhile the mass is pressing against her lungs, and heart, making it difficult for her to breath, or move. Her lungs are producing a lot of liquid, and she's getting drained every other day, around 500-1000 mL each time, so she's in home hospice now. However, she's the strongest woman that I've ever met. At 90, she's not complaining of pain, or anything, she has a strong will, and is stubborn as ever. She says her legacy has been to "Make the bad good, and the good better." To this day she keeps fighting and being strong, and defying every single diagnosis and prognosis thrown at her. God is working a miracle, and I ask that if you believe, you pray for her so that she can still keep this attitude and strength. So, that's where I've been for the last two weeks, hence the lack of activity in both SL and the blog, though I did try to keep up with it while she took naps. Not too well.

Any who, now that explanations are out of the way, I'm doing a quick little post before I go out to celebrate birthday time. Woo! So, TDR is out, and I'm loving milk motion boots, and the Label Motion Pose set that they're selling, so for sure worth a check up at the TDR round up for the week. Auxiliary is also there with the cute little corset that I'm wearing, and I'm a huge fan of that set, I think I have the monochromatic tones of it that I got during the black friday set.

Exile, new release! Normally I'm not a huge fan of accessories in the hair, like flowers, or sea shells or what not. I love bows, scarves, and hats and the sort, but not like.. you know, that kind of additives and stuff. But this hair style is soooo sweet, love how it cascades and with the flowers it gives a truly romantic feel that I completely love.

Finally, Decoy is having a sale until 30th, with some /free/ fatpacks! The jeans I'm wearing are totally and completely free, for a fat pack! And I believe there's also a huge sale going on. Everything in the store is 50% down from the original price. Seriously, RUN! Hair, clothes, shoes, amazing quality and free fat packs, and it's only until the 30th! You only have like six days. RUN!


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde
Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Honeycomb
Necklace: (Yummy) Miss Havisham's Broken Heart
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual R and Slink Mesh Hand Mouse L
Tank: Jane intrinsic tank cream 
Corset:  [Auxiliary] Grimm Corset Antique for TDRB
Jeans: [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans - Black
Boots: (Milk Motion) leather gaiter boots black/camel for TDRB
Pose: Label Motion- The Last TDRB - Label Motion


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