Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cold Water- In Memory of Squinternet Larnia

Cold Water- In Memory of Squinternet Larnia

It's funny how sometimes a single event, unexpectedly, changes everything in our lives. For a second. For an hour. For a day. For a lifetime. 

I was sitting in the platform, working, with Inka, and getting frustrated about such a worthless thing that had such an easy solution, when suddenly she tells me that Donna Flora passed. There was silence. I knew about Squinternet's struggles with cancer. I believe we all did in a way or another, but hearing that she passed... It was unexpected. So quick, so soon. There was silence. I had no words, nothing. Fear set in, and suddenly, everything was meaningless. As I sat in the doctor's office today, I thought long and hard about her, about her fight, and her journey, and it weighed heavy on me, perhaps heavier than a lot of people. Another reminder in my life that we lose focus of what is important, what really is worth fighting for. Maya struggles are so tiny when I see the road ahead, the road that lies in front of us all, regardless of being ill or not. It saddened me to think that last time our community lost a member, I bowed to make a change. However.. how many of us has kept that promise? I have failed. I feel defeated. 

Squinternet Larnia will surely be missed. She was an amazing designer, and had a fight that many of us will never understand, and I admire her strength. I hope that I'm able to have that same strength, because.. well.. I'm going to need it, and if every one of us could have just one ounce of her strength and courage.. well.. I wonder how far we would all be in life. 

I do think that I need another vow, and I do ask all of you that are close to me to help me keep this one. I vow to fight just like she did. To have the drive to live that she did, and that if I go, no one will ever say that I gave up. Let us all do this, fight for life, in her memory, and in her honor. 

Today is a very sad day for us all in SL, but for me, Squinternet's strength and generosity will live for a long time. Not only in my heart, but in my inventory with her beautiful and amazing creations. Donna Flora will be missed, and so will the amazing creature behind one of my favorite jewelry stores. My heart goes out to her family and friends.


Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ peche
Hair: . Liquence . - F5 in Genetics
Freckles: [PXL] FullBody freckles (tattoo 2.x)
Necklace and earring set: Donna Flora BLUE diamond set 
Bracelets: Donna Flora PALMA set2+HUD, (Donna Flora) GIORGIA topaz Bracelet, Donna Flora PRINCESS cream bracelet
Rings: Donna Flora CAMELIA ring, Donna Flora SQUARE ring topaz
Pose: Del May - Kiss my hand #1


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