Monday, September 9, 2013

I Used to be a Fashionista Like You...

Arrow to the Knee

Another Monday is upon us, and another meme by Berry. Now.. personally, I like those that force us to be creative, and this week did just that.. welp. We had to make a meme, into a meme, for a meme post.. if that even makes sense? Memeception, basically. I thought for a while, and just.. poses make it difficult, and face in Sl, because.. let's face it, the little facial expression thing for SL basic shape sucks, and I'm not rich so I can't and won't buy a mesh head. I'd buy a sim before I do that. But anyways! I started to talk to people, and then I felt sad face, I was like.. if only I were a true fashionista like Berry, this wouldn't be an issue. Welp. Why not arrow to the knee meme? Score. And it's early enough that I can do this and be the original one that came up with it. I'm going to glare at someone if they did this too! But anways, there it is, my meme!

I am so in love with this Collab round guys! Fall! Fall stuff, I so so so love it. Secre store scallop sweater is to die for, I actually fat packed this and I rarely fat pack, and this cute little leather skirt from Tres Blah, just.. how adorbs is it?! I love it. I thought together they actually made a perfect ensamble, because truth be told, I didn't care much for the top that Tres Blah made this round.. I know.. shocker, it's one of the first things that she made that I didn't completely love. I paired off the look with shoes from, just because.. the whole new shoe like Darling Monday is doing is just.. well.. darling, and I adore the fact that I can do the mesh feet with it and never have to take them off. And hair from Truth. Guys.. he's doing the whole pack of normals now, it's a little on the steep side, but.. I think more designers should get on this band wagon! I love having options for hair color and not having to buy in the future and rebuild my hair folder. Best.Idea.Ever.


Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ peche
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lyma [Roots] - Blondes04
Freckles: [PXL] FullBody freckles
Moles: Essences - Beauty Marks
Sweater: The Secret Store - Scallop Sweater - Ash for Collabor88
Skirt: -tres blah- Leather skirt - Black for Collabor88
Arrow: [hC] Arrow to the knee (PROMO) 1L
Shoes: fri. - Jane.Heels (Black.Dots)
Pose: Del May - Melancholic flower


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