Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holy Cow, I'm White and Nerdy!

So.. while in school, I was the total nerd. No joke! I mean.. the only things I lacked were the glasses and the inhaler. But well.. yeah, I had glasses for a while. I was the big kid, with square glasses, Academic Decathlon, top of the class even though I never did my homework. I always read ahead of the class, and I wrote research papers for fun. Oh, yeah. I was majorly white and nerdy. So it's no doubt that I always wanted to do a nerdy type post. Nerds have a weak spot in my heart.. Because.. deep down, I guess I'm still the same white and nerdy girl that used to walk around Cinco Ranch High. Nerdy and to the extreme, bitches!

So.. how did I achieve this look? I didn't want to be just pure nerd, I wanted it to be fashionably nerdy, so, in Acid Lily, you'll find these cute blazers with undershirts from Even.Flow. Total love! Specially this nerdy red top with suspenders on them, I'll be honest, this inspired the whole look. At first there was a minor problem with the mesh, but the designer was really good about it, and fixed it in a couple hours, so thanks to all of them for that! And it comes as a lesson, guys, if you're nice, and kindly point out a small flaw in the item, they will appreciate it, just don't do it in a rude manner.. that gets you nothing, but a gentle pointing out will always be appreciated!

So.. the next thing was.. I need big HUGE nerdy glasses, so I grabbed Burley glasses, the readers from them.. total hit in the ball park, the only way they could be better is if they had tape on them.. but.. we're keeping it fashionable, so this is good. I also wanted messy hair, and since I'm a brunette in real life, and I'm using myself for some inspiration, I went brunette. Now, I don't know how long it's going to last.. But Elikatira still has their retirement sale going on, so make sure to grab all the styles before they go bye bye. They're only like.. 80L.. so don't wait! You'll regret it. I also wanted a messy bun, since that was pretty much my go to hair style, and still is... I guess old habits die hard. I finalize it with just a nice pair of jeans, since the top is baggy, I wanted tight skinny jeans, and I also wore comfortable flats that really didn't match the outfit just to make it more endearing.

Now.. Can't you see I'm white and nerdy?


Skin: LAQ ~ Essential (1.5) Saga
Hair: [Elikatira] Away - Brown 04
Glasses: [(Burley)COLLECTIVE] Midtown Readers
Top: Friday Blazer black Nerdy Bisnis - even.flow for Acid Lily 
Jeans: Wunderland - Super Skinny Jeans Gray
Shoes: *FIR & MNA*The Twine Shoes
Pose: !bang - stand 294


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