Sunday, October 6, 2013

In Retrospective

In Retrospective

Pardon the half way done picture. But.. well..... long week, and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings.

It's been an insane week! If you would have told me last month that all of this was going to happen, I wouldn't have believed it. Hell, I still kind of don't. It's been surreal, making things, actually selling, seeing bloggers whose work I enjoy actually blogging and enjoying my things. There's been tears, and a lot of happiness. And to believe that a month ago I couldn't build if I didn't follow a tutorial. Not to say I don't look things up still or ask for help, but.. the growth this week alone has been huge. I owe a lot of people for that, and I also have to thank Inka for giving me the chance to go in this journey with her.

With Candy Fair over, and starting out with Wizarding Fair tomorrow at noon, and nothing else to build, I have to breath. It's been a madhouse trying to learn all of this, dealing with my health issues, actually being hospitalized for a good portion of this time, and then.. culminating on this. Just.Wow. I can't believe I even got the honor to be a part of FLF this week. Can you talk about lucky?! So, I guess I have to say thank you to the few close friends that helped me out through this, Inka, Sienia, Aime, Tyr, Allegory, all of you for helping me when I wanted to tear my hair out and run away and quick, those friends that were genuinely supportive and helped me out along the way to keep my spirit. MJ and Rose, and everyone at the Wizarding Fair for allowing me to participate. I just.. I'm overjoyed. All of the wonderful bloggers. I mean, I got blogged by Berry! I was speechless, I still can't really believe it. Most of you have been amazing to me, and I greatly appreciate it.

I put a look together really quick with stuff from Wizarding Fair to show you guys, some of my faves, I'm sure now that things slowed down I'll be able to showcase a little more, God willing. I'm wearing my necklace, sue me, I'm proud, my sweat, blood,and tears went into that texture work, and many hours, I'm very happy with it, the skin is new from Essences, available at Wizarding Fair, and it comes with different breast options, so it'll be kid friendly, top from Peqe cus.. well, I love Peqe. All of these will be available tomorrow at noon, so don't forget to come and check out the fair, it'll be worth it, promise!


Skin: Essences ~ Qopi (light rose) *blonde* for Wizarding Fair
Hair: Exile::Sparkle And Fade Natural Fusion
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Apex
Freckles: [PXL] FullBody freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Moles: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - Moles and Xtra Freckles (face)
Necklace: Essences: A Shift in Time Necklace (F) Wizarding Fair
Top: Peqe - Wizarding Sweater w/Shirt_Pink Wizarding Fair
Pose: Marukin [Flambe] addicted


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