Sunday, January 19, 2014


So, there's two things in my agenda today before I head into the oblivion that sucks out my life that we call here "the hospital". I'm going to be gone for a little bit, I hope, but just in case, I wanted to do one last blog post before heading out, just because I missed working on pictures really, and there are two things that stole my attention today. First off...

Monday Meme. Oh, and Berry. It's after midnight. Hence... I did do the blog in time. You know. On Monday. UNLIKE SOME OF US. Kidding. I have nothing but love for that wonderful mango loving woman. But today, it's all about what huds and what not we use in SL in order to make it easier to take pictures. So Im posting my raw shot with the things that I use in here so you can see what my interface is when I take pictures. And just why the heck I lag out so much.

1. Anypose: Berry blogged this one too but it's just that amazing, okay? It lets you control your eyes, no more blinking while taking pics, and it lets you have facial expressions if you want too. Amazeballs.

2. Animare: How many times have you gotten your hand stuck in your skirt, or something? It majorly sucks! And it's like.. 30 minutes AT LEAST to properly fix in photoshop, or do the layering trick with PS where you have to take more than one shot. But let's face it, it takes away from your shadows, and it messes up everything in the world. 

3. Kokopelli HUD: This HUD is actually free, and though I'd like to be able to organize it, let's be honest like.. I never will, I'd rather just endless scroll through there if I'm out taking a picture and let people laugh at me. I think that HUD has about 200 poses, and still no where even near the cap.

4. Phototools. It comes in Firestorm, and I use it to do a quick shot with shadows, most of the time I'll just layer that shot on top of this one, and just keep the shadows, saves me time and what not. And I love that phototools just lets you adapt everything graphic wise in one little window. Makes firestorm my go to place for pictures, even though it's laggier. 

My second theme of the day has to do with... well. .feeling alienated, really. It's no secret that I used to be a huge rp'er. I miss it to this day, so so much, but with blogging and designing, I just don't have time for anything anymore. But I still do have a twitter account, where I follow some of my old friends that rp. Sometimes it's hilarious, and I wonder really if I used to look that crazy rp'ing, because, I swear, as an outsider reading these, you'd think this is a bad episode of some badly scripted reality show.

But here's the thing though, I was looking there, and came across something that I personally found offensive. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, but at any rate I did. I said that it was offensive, and their reply was "Oh, it's just an rp post. I'm fat too". I had to stop for a second. Hold on. So let me get this straight. The fact that you're rp'ing makes it okay to be insulting towards others? Or post things that can be insutling? And why does it matter your size, or color, or anything? I honestly think, it's like the "n" word. If you don't want other people calling you it, then you shouldn't call others of your race it either. Just.. no. It's wrong. At least I feel that way. So I have to wonder now.. just.. where do we draw the line?

Putting aside the second issue, let's focus on how far can we go with our words and actions to be offensive, and still be okay with it being just a character. My belief is, if you say it, you feel at least in a part inside of you that it's true. Regardless of a character or not, you're giving credibility to the problem. Now, there are other people aside of you that read that, people that don't rp, people that don't know even what rp is. And when they read these things, they take it to heart. You hurt them. Even while rp'ing. Your actions and words ic can break someone oocly. Now.. it might just be me, I don't know. Maybe I've just been away from RP for too long now, but this is genuinely how I feel. So I just have to pose this question.. just how far is too far on what we say in an RP account?


Skin: -Glam Affair - Mokatana skin - America 04 @ Collabor88 (Aida Ewing)
Hair: [e] Richelle - Essentials (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Ice (Ikon Innovia)
Glasses: ISON - pegley glasses (tortoise) (Harry Hyx)
Necklace: Wimey- Lady Mary's Pearls- Lingering Spring @ Seasons Story (Sash Arabello)
Shirt: The Secret Store - Mary Pleated Shirt - Milk @ Collabor88 (Maylee Oh)
Skirt: Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt Mint (Azure Electricteeth)
Purse: *{Junbug}* Princess Clutch in Pearl [Relaxed Hold] @ Collabor88 (Juno Mantel)
Shoes: [AUX] Footwear - Heartbreaker  - Seafoam (Crushed Clarity)
Pose: !Bang Stand 320 (Luna Jubilee)


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