Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ice Cream Girl

I love sweet, and cute things, like.. okay, when Nat came out with her new release for Noodles, I died. For more than one reason really, Harry Potter, and unicorns... together.. I think my world about exploded. So.. Of course I had to get my unicorn on! I mean.. come on! It's adorable, and I'm totally the type of dork that this headband takes. I don't care, I'm walking around with my unicorn headband, and SL will like it. So.. The whole headband inspired this shoot today. Who would have figured? Let's see.. where to begin? First off, I'm still rocking my new awesome skin by Essences, Opera, I love how the eyebrows look on it, and now they have feet and hand appliers, which is the reason that I didn't wear any shoes, to show off the new appliers. The one downside to this skin is really, you need brown or black hair to pull it off, the blonde and red eyebrows look a bit weird for my tastes, but it is definitely worth the darker hair color, I mean.. really, look at it, it's awesome! And now with appliers. I'm swooned. Then you have new hair by Exile, which is also amazing, I am in love with their new HUD color changer now. New Blueberry too! The cute little tank tops are now available for you to purchase at the main store, and really.. can you have enough tank tops? Not only that, the eye for detail that they have, and the fact that you don't have transparent parts on the back showing through when you wear it.. you know.. when people don't mesh out the inside of the shirt so you can see just.. through the shirt... Hate that, btw, but.. I love that in this shirt, I actually angled it so you can see what I'm talking about, that's not photoshoped, that's actually the inside of the shirt, so.. <3 for that. And then you have new shorts from Sassy. A lot of her things are a hit or miss for me, mainly due to my personal style, but the shorts are amazingly rigged, and very well meshed out, just watch out for the weird sizing, I'm normally an M, but I'm an XS in these shorts.. I don't know how. But.. well, Love them! That's about it for today, I think I've rambled enough. On to le credits!


Skin: Essences - Opera 04 *sunkissed* brown
Hair: Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Natural Fusion
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet (unpack)
Shorts: ~Sassy!~ Cuffed denim shorts - black
Tank: Blueberry Jennifer *Mesh* Tank Top White
Headband: Noodles - Be A Unicorn Headband Pretty Princess
Necklace:  Noodles - Unicorn Cameo Hematite/Pink
Earrings: Noodles - Sweetheart Earrings Pink
Pose and Ice cream: Embody  I SCREAM 3


See-Saw: /artilleri/ Playground - Seesaw 
Cart: {what next} Garden Cafe Caravan


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