Sunday, January 27, 2013

Come Pick Me Up

Take me out. Fuck me up. Steal all my records. Screw all my friends. Then do it again. It honestly feels like relationships are an endless circle. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but.. history always repeats itself. Come pick me up.

I've been out again, I know. I've been dealing with the death of my grandmother, who after fighting for months with gastric cancer, finally made her peace. It's been difficult, and still dealing with the loss, even though it's expected, the pain is a lot, so bear with me, please. I haven't forgotten all of you, I just.. need some time to place myself in someone else's shoes while I process what I feel.

However, I got this item as a preview. It'll be available for FREE. It's by American Bazaar. They will be taking place in the J'adore hunt starting in Feb. 1st. It's adorable, and I've gotten many compliments while wearing it, the vest and the top are both linked, but.. it's so cute! Cute Poison also has a new release out for Fashion week. I've seen this trend a lot lately, the over working structure, and crosses are always hot. Comes in black, silver and gold, though I'm a huge fan of the gold one.

New release also from Leri Miles Designs, you can't ever have enough slacks people! Specially if you enjoy a classy fashion style like myself.


Skin: the body co. Orchid (01 Fair) - blonde brows
Hair: !lamb. Crystal Ball (Mesh) - Honeycomb Root
Necklace: Cute Poison - Multi-Cross Necklace (Gold)  for SL Fashion Week
Purse: Color.Me.H.O.F [TheRoman2.0[Cream]
Top: [American Bazaar] MESH Denise Top Je t'aime
Pants: Leri Miles Designs Molly Slacks Wine
Shoes: (Kunglers) Morgana pumps
Pose: (marukin) [dolce] kawa


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