Friday, January 11, 2013

The Fox in the Snow

I love this song.. and I love Belle and Sebastian. It's all about seeing what really is important.. and what's just so illogical, the resounding questions that make you rethink everything that is important to you.. and the importance of the simple things.. I love things that make me think like that.. once again making me feel grateful for the small things in life, rather than crying over the things that at that time seem so big.. and further down in life seem so trivial.

I wanted to be a fox in the snow today, or my vision of this song, I suppose. Something simple, against the vast snow.

I kept it very simple for this post just because of that. The top is really adorable, and it's from one of the new additions to Acid Lily which will be taken away this weekend, so make sure to stop and get it before it does go away! The dress is called Queen of Hearts, and it's in pink, gray, or multicolored. I kept it simple and at the same time wanted it to pop slightly with the background, so I grabbed the pink color. The dress is very simplistic, but at the same time, the way the texturing and shading is done is very cute! Though my only complain is that at times it didn't fit right with my ao, the very top of the torso didn't seem to flow too well for some reason, though in all honesty, it might have just been my ao.

I paired it off with the boots from ISON that are available today at 50L Friday, and also the Collabor88 D!va hair, this time without the mesh portion. In my opinion, it looks way cuter with just the bun. The same jewelry as yesterday, but instead of the yellow diamonds, just.. plain old white to go with the simplistic element today. And a pair of wool tights to tie it all together.


Skin: Adam and Eve - Siobhan T2 Bare
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Asami" (Type B)(Topaz) for Collabor88
Jewelry: (Yummy) Teardrop Gemstone Set - Diamond for Collabor88
Dress: {Le Fil Casse} Queen of Hearts Dress in Pink for Acid Lily
Tights: {Mon Tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Charcoal
Shoes: ISON - Classic Levander Ankle Boots (Desert)
Pose: (Marukin) [Lotus] Candied for Collabor88


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