Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Got Rythm

And if you're going to be a flapper, you need rythm! And a good tune to go along with it! And an amazing outfit to leave everyone's mouth wide open. And class. And Collabor88.

Can you guys tell I'm just /slightly/ obsessed with collabor88? I seriously do jump up and down the whole month waiting for this day, and rush in midnight the day of. No exceptions. Has been so for almost six months, and that's not changing any time soon! But I mean.. All of my favorite stores.. or most.. together in one place.. and with very very very low prices? Come on! Of course I'll be all over that like white on rice!

So.. we got a couple down in the last post, and here are a couple more. I do love The Sea Hole, and I really should feature them more in my blog, I own almost everything made by them.. so... why? Don't ask me, mainly because my inventory is a mess no matter how many times I try to fix it, and I just pick things out at random. No, seriously, I do! I type out a color, and with the first thing I try on, I make an outfit around that... That's how bad my inventory is. But don't fret! I totally fell in love with this little dress and head band up for grabs at Collabor88. The dress is mesh, which is always a plus, and seriously.. to me.. it didn't only have that big party feel to it. I wanted to go back to the 1920's and get my flapping on. And I did!

I kind of paired the outfit with shoes that had kind of the same feel to them. These are from Deco, I grabbed them at a Lazy Sunday or 50 Linden Friday.. one of the two. Eitherway, they're still for sale in the store, and they fit perfectly with this dress, no matter what hue you get. I kinda have teal fever lately, so that worked great for me. And it also kind of matched my fan from Volstead, that with the peacock feathers.. it totally fit the style I was going for. Got some stockings from LOW as well in the marketplace, and finished it off with a feather boa, because every flapper needs one, and the Princess Jewelry set by Donna Flora.

Also in Collabor88 is this great little set for photographers, kind of a balloon mess with many different couples and single's poses. I totally love the effects you can get with your shadows by using it. Completely amazing.

And finally, I just want to give a huge thank you to Sachi Vixen, who after reading my small little note about the eyebrows, she actually got me a darker shade of eyebrows, so now I don't have to take this awesome skin off when I want to go blonde, and I look totally fabulous with my dimples and freckles and this awesome skin. It comes as a lesson guys, that sometimes.. me included, we feel that designers are almost like.. the SL equivalent of Gods. Our own personal Anna Wintours. But they're not! Most of them are as silly and fun and easy going as we are! If you ask /nicely/ for something, or point down a small defect/flaw in one of their designs in a /kind/ manner, chances are that they'll thank you for it, and help you out, or fix it! Never be afraid to ask! Remember, designers are people too. Just with awesome tastes and talents.


Skin: Adam and Eve Skins - Siobhan T2 Bare
Hair: [BURLEY]_Vanessa_Blonde01
Headband: The Sea Hole - Shimmer Hairband - Silver Sea for Collabor88
Fan: Volstead ~ Fan ~ Peacock
Boa: ! Laville ! A Few Feathers  Boa - Teal
Jewelry: Donna Flora Princess - Cream Set
Dress: The Sea Hole - Shimmer Shift Dress -  Silver Sea for Collabor88
Tights: *LOW* Seamed lace stockings
Shoes: **DECO -  Sequined Heels (Silver)**
Set: Exposeur & The Loft - Room of Balloons for Collabor88


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