Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Sad Cafe

If you haven't been able to tell, there's something about melancholic songs that always captivates me. The music is so soothing, and you always feel some sort of connection to the song. Have to say, this song by the Eagles for sure was my inspiration for today.

And this awesome amazing dress too! How amazing is it? So, we're in 2013, and the new trend for this year, what's really.. really hot right now, is what they call extreme structuring. What that means is that the dress plays with geometric shapes in order to distort your body visually in a rather appealing manner. I believe this dress is like.. hitting the nail in the head when it comes to this trend. Now, MichaMi has always sort of played with this, be it lines, or the actual structure of the dress, or even the patterns, the use of her work contributes to adding a new silhouette and more dimension to your body, and it is for this reason that I absolutely adore Milla's work. The pattern of this dress also sets it apart from all others, and in all honesty, to a lot of people, when they saw it in the marketplace, it didn't really look appealing to them, but once they saw the dress on, they were fascinated at just how the sides made the contour work of the avatar really pop out in a fashion forward manner. This dress is a must for the new years, specially given the trend for this type work that is in style this year.

To style it, keep it popping,  but simple. I know.. contradiction there, but like.. the hair, instead of having it down, you might want to keep it up, in a bun, to continue with the silhouette working. I'm wearing Magika's new hair release that came out yesterday, Now. As far as a necklace is concerned, yes, you do want a statement piece, but you don't want to steal the attention away from the dress either. A choker would do nicely here, or like I did, a high necklace, that way I'm keeping the main focus on the dress, but at the same time, I'm making a statement. LaGyo's Venhia necklace was the best choice, in my opinion, given that I wanted to part from pearls for the day. And I'm also wearing their Edwige pumps and a ring by Donna Flora to finish giving the outfit the pops it needed.. and practicality, of course. Can't leave home without your shoes!


Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5
Hair: Magika -  [Hair Un-rigged] Now
Necklace: LaGyo - Venhia Necklace 
Ring: Donna Flora - Arturo ring 
Dress: MichaMi - Lana Brocade Cocktail in Princess
Shoes: LaGyo - Edwige Pumps - Tawny
Pose:  ILAYA se tenir debout 15 for Fi*Friday


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