Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Will Make You Hurt.

Valentine's is almost upon us. And what is better than giving the one you love all you have? In more ways than one... I guess, what I'm trying to say is.. You can have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt. I know it sounds bad, but in my mind.. those lyrics are so.. lovely, just because they're true. Don't lie to me, tell me the truth. I know despite what you say, will let me down, time and time again, and I don't care what you have.. in the end.. it's all dust. But.. let me have it all. Hurt me, but be with me. When you see it that way.. it's romantic, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just weird.

And with Valentine's almost here, I thought I'd start by bringing the sexy back. Or rather.. Sassy is. This is for the Boobies Show. But.. lucky for all of us non lola wearers, this outfit still looks amazingly sexy without big knockers. Even though they sell it as a dress, I see it as an intimate piece.. Like.. sexy lingerie type deal. But then again, I'm extremely conservative, even in my sl, so.. no wearing this in public.. however, I will totally take a sexy picture of this in my bedroom, and post it for all of you to see. I paired it off with just a necklace, some easy sexy hair from clawtooth, which instead of taking away from the dress makes it look more.. classy and effortless, I suppose, and a pair of heels, so I could totally be the hot babe in the bedroom.

I think I'm ready for Valentine's day? A little early, sure, but I'm ready. Bring it!


Skin: the body co. Orchid (01 Fair) - blonde brows
Hair: Clawtooth: Take on me - Bombshell Blonde
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Filigree Oval - Combo All - GOLD
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Poison dress - plum for Boobies Show
Shoes: Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Ruby
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} Hallie
Background: All furniture and skybox is Dutchie. A little on the pricie side, but always amazing stuff, with great poses in it too. Go check it out! 


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