Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fell Down a Hole

One of my favorite Disney movies, even as a child, and even more so once redone by Tim Burton, is Alice in Wonderland. The whimsical feel to it, the craziness and just pure randomness.. I love it all. So for today, I really wanted to do my take on Alice. I wanted to take her out of  the normal blue dress, white apron, and the hair band, and put her in what we might see her with today before taking her back to Wonderland.

The look was mainly inspired by two things, the new release by Truth last night, and the new release by JeSyLiLo today. The hair is lovely as ever, I seriously am a huge Truth Hawks fan now, love the effortless feel of the curls, and the color hues are always awesome and right on. And it has a hat. I love hats. And I love when I don't have to make them into a ridiculously huge size to fit my head that makes me feel like a clown, and fume as I take it off with a pouty face and a "But I really wanted to wear it!!! D:" So.. this is a must have in my inventory for me. As far as the sweater is concerned, it has a lovely hue to it, however, it felt a little flat to me. Cute.. but flat.

I paired it all off with a new release by Wunderland! I wanted it to have a very whimsical feel to the whole outfit to really tie it together, and even though Alice is more of a white and blue, I really thought that these jeans really modernized the look, and made it fun and whimsical, and reminiscent of the movie. Besides, the jeans are truly cute, and even though I consider myself more conservative with my style and fashions, I really did like the pop of the jeans and the little fun theme in the cuffs. Total love with these. And I finished it off with some white... because it needed it, so I used one of my favorite Hucci pumps to tie it all together. And voila, this would be my take on a modern day Alice in Wonderland. Hope you like!


Skin: The Body co.  Orchid (01 Fair) - blonde brows (75% off until Jan 31 at theWarehouse)
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Blue 
Hair: >Truth< Edith w/Roots - sand *New*
Sweater:*JeSyLiLo* Knitted Dress: Baby Blue *New*
Jeans: Wunderland - Candy Cuffed Skinny Jeans -Candy *New*
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Nia Pumps - Moonglow
Pose: Ma Vie. - Revealed 04 for Lazy Sunday


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