Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day In and Day Out

And so the new year starts, and the old year goes. Day in, day out. There it is, really. Funny.. once you start getting older, it all just starts blending together, days, months, years... it's all really pretty much the same. I thought the title of this song was very fitting, even though it is not the mood of the song, it just.. the title very much describes what I feel with the new coming of the year. Year in, year out.

And now, for the first post of the year, now that I got unlazy and what not with all that good.. yummy.. yummy food.. what should we talk about? Well, let's start with Blueberry and one of their newer designs. I had the pleasure of meeting Blueberry over at Crack Den, which is one of the sims that I roleplay at, and after talking, I really got inspired to blog once I got home. And so, here it is, this is one of her newest releases, this little mesh suit. I personally love the bow, it really makes it. I normally hate body suits. Hate. But the bow really did make me fall in love. Darn it. I do kind of wish it had more draping work to it, like along with the texture, but overall, I do love it, and the price isn't half bad either, which is always one of the good things about Blueberry's designs. They're gorgeous, and they don't really dent the wallet too much.

Then we have D!va as well! I went on a tiny little shopping spree, which I really shouldn't. But I'm a woman, sue me, shopping is like.. wired into my DNA. So, I got this very cute hair style, side pony tail, that I've been dying to have. The bow changes colors to match your outfit, or you can do away with it completely. Personally, I like bows. I do.. I think everything in my outfit today has a bow but the necklace.

Don't hate. Bow power!


Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Senri2" (Type B)(Topaz)
Necklace: (Yummy) Travelers Charms
Glasses: {mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Black
Jumpsuit : Blueberry Jenny *Mesh* Jumpsuit/Gray
Shoes: {mon tissu} Cottage Flats - black
Pose: -.label motion.- Aida 6


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