Friday, December 21, 2012

And a Song Someone Sings, Once Upon a December

I know I used this song already, but the world didn't end, so that's technically a new year, right? Ok, so maybe it isn't, but the song is so beautiful, that it doesn't matter, I will use it again. It really was my inspiration for this post too, once I saw this beautiful gown, all I wanted was to hold it and dance around in an empty ballroom. That's just what I did, too. Don't judge!

So! What has me motivated to another post today? The simply fact that Sassy! has this amazing dress for sale! Twisted Krissmuss is an event where you can buy a gift for someone. Now get this.. Look down, drop your jaw at the sexy amazing number, and now look back up here. The price is only 100L, and the item is transfer! Now.. when you have alts, you know how precious it is to come across an article of clothing that is transfer, or even to give as a gift, it's something that's truly valuable. Now.. you're getting a quality item, and a low price, and transfer. Please don't faint.

All joke aside though, it is an amazing good deal that you'd be crazy to pass on. It's up until January 4th, so make sure to grab it. I'm wearing the gold one, because it made me really feel like a blonde Anastasia. But it comes in plum, white, red and black,  and pink and white. I had to add a picture of the back of this outfit because it was just breath taking the way that it drapes, and the shadow work on it. Honestly, Sassy has been in the grid for a very long time, but it's really one of those designers that is emerging as an extremely good quality designer, and one to watch too. And the price isn't one to break the pocket! Always a plus. Places like Celoe are truly amazing, but it almost does cost an arm and a leg to shop there, it's nice to see designers like Sassy keep their prices low, but their quality high.

Finally, new hair from Exile for Together for Sway. It comes in a naturals pack, and a roots pack I believe, don't really quote me on that, but the hair style is very cute! And it goes perfectly along with this dress. I added some accessories from Donna Flora to make it have more of a sophisticated feel to it, and finished it off with a pair of Celoe pumps. Something to keep in mind, ladies! With a dress like this, you really have to pair it off right to pull it off, because too many accessories, you'd look like you're going to a porn gala. Do it right, and you will look like a diva. I like up do's with revealing outfits, not saying that it's a must, you can also pull it off with long flowy hair, or short and straight, there's no right answer there, just my personal preference. But, accessory wise, less is more, one single ring, small earrings and something small around the neck, just an accent piece. If you do it right, you'll look a million bucks!


Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5
Hair: ::Exile:: Sway My Way: Stefani for Together for Sway
Jewelry: Donna Flora - Princess- cream set
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Starlet Gown - Gold for the Twisted Krissmuss sale
Shoes: [Celoe] Xylia Pumps - Shadow
Poses: !Bang- mini- Twisted 3
           (Marukin) [Dolce] Last Gaze


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