Saturday, December 15, 2012

Darling, Here Lies Love.

Nothing like a soulful song to start the day.. or in my case, end it. Soothing melody, yet at the same time has a beat that makes you feel strong, powerful, and sexy.. God I love Diana Krall. Darn you Colbert for introducing me to this amazing songstress. So.. since Colbert shared with us, and gave her the Colbert bump.. I have to pass on.. her voice is extremely sexy, and her beats are amazing, the perfect song for a sexy little Saturday morning.

So.. now that we got our musical little note out of the way.. I love feeling like a million bucks in Second life, now.. what I mean is.. I love to look classy, and beautiful, normally I would call myself like.. I don't know.. I would sound pretentious, but I guess, a way to say it, without sounding pretentious is that I take a lot of my fashion queues from people like Kate Middleton, and Michelle Obama in my daily style. A signature style that makes you feel feminine, yet powerful. And that's what today is all about, how to look sexy and classy at the same time. Strong and powerful, yet with a hint of class and femininity that will have eyes darting your way at all times.

MichaMi has always been one of my favorite stores in SL. I found them.. I'd like to say at least a year ago? Or two.. ? When you're in SL time kind of merges together.. so hard to tell, the point is.. I found them in the Dressing Room back in the day, and since I saw them, I fell in love! Their styles were so fashion forward, and gorgeous! So.. I'm highlighting two of their newest releases, two dresses that, if you're in  that same style that I am, are just a must have for every fashionista in SL!


Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde 
Hair: [elikatira] Show - Blonde 07
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Casual 
Jewelry Set: (Yummy) Winter Flower Set - Copper for Collabor88
Dress: MichaMi: Kiia in Grey
Shoes: DECO - Donna Heels (black/white)
Pose: dfo! [ten] find some other way to feel. then you won't feel sad

Skin: *League* Isla Medium Champagne Blonde 
Hair: [elikatira] Break - Blonde 07
Hands: Slink Mesh HandsCasual 
Necklace: (Yummy) Miss Havisham's Broken Heart
Dress: MichaMi: Daira in Wind
Tights: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 
Shoes: Ingenue :: Clodia:: Noir
Pose: Miamai Model Pose - Liquid State


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