Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

And I'm also dreaming about the End of the World. Not the actual Mayan crap that has some people running around in circles.. I mean.. come on guys! My calendar ends every December and you don't see me throwing a fit over it! I can't even understand why the end of the Mayan Calendar would freak people out.. they probably got tired of writing it.. or something.. or thought "Hey.. you know.. by this time, there probably will be someone that can do it.. Imma go take a break or something.. bai!" I don't know.. it's what I would do anyways. So why?


Now.. on to the important stuff. The other End of the World.. yes.. the Fair. I'm slowly sorting through the inventory and the massive mess of stuff that accumulates  But.. slowly and surely, I'm getting to the good stuff, and I tried on this little outfit by Badazzle.. and well, the socks got to me. Add garters like those to a pair of socks, and I'll drool! Add a nice little sexy piece along with it, and I'm in fashion paradise. Then there's a new pair of ice skates from DillyDolls, which is just too adorable to pass on! It comes in many colors, from blue, to Christmas colors, but for the outfit that I was wearing.. I totally had to go for the black on brown style. Then.. finally, Falling into Winter Hunt is upon us, and I got this little make up style that is just too cute, and matches so well with the winter feel of it all, the glow of the cheeks, the tone of the lips. Love. And with newness from Lelutka.. yeah.. it has been a good day to make a nice little outfit for you all to enjoy!

Get the ice skates on, and start dreaming of a white Christmas.. and not the end of the world.. it's a little silly, don't you think?


Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5
Makeup: +>Adore&Abhor<+ Winter's Blush (Full) for Hunting for Winter.
Freckles:  [PXL] FullBody freckles Dark (tattoo 2.x)
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO TEETH 
Hair: [LeLutka]-ELLA hair - BlondeFun
Scarf: {mon tissu} Skinny Scarf - Black
Outfit: Badazzle- End of the World Outfit for Hunting for Winter
Shoes: *DillyDolls* Ballo Dark Brown on Black Ice Skate
Pose: Demise of Flight Hunting for Winter 2 


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