Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora

So, if you don't know who Donna Flora is.. you've practically been living under a rock. Okay, exaggerating, sorry! But.. Donna Flora is by far one of the biggest, and oldest names in jewelry. She got some devastating news as of recently, and Second Life has come together in order to help her out. She's battling cancer now, and we all wish her the best of luck in her battle. It's always really nice to see SL come together like this though, like.. instead of all the hate, and the annoying battles that happen in SL, it's really nice to see people come together and try to help each other out. To me, that's what SL and the experience of it all is about. Not trying to bring other people down, but trying to help each other up. Not tearing down, but building. There's been a lot more tearing down lately than usual, I mean, I've even felt it, so.. nice change! I guess. But.. I decided to compile a cute look with a couple of items for the Love Donna Flora event. 

Also, the Seraphim social is up and running, and one of my favorite items in this necklace from Lark. I just love it, and the symbolism of it. So.. let me tell you a little bit about it. The Seraphim Social is an event that it's all about reading a book, and then designers make an item based on the book. It's actually a pretty cool concept that Lashae has created, and I loved it, had to get on board any way that I could. Now if only I could stop playing SL long enough to actually read.. it would be better, right!? But this month, for the opening month, the book chosen was The Host. And even though I'm not a HUGE fan of Stphanie Meyer, well.. I have to admit.. the movie wasn't half bad. Wasn't Twilight, but then again, I might not have hated Twilight half as much without freaking Stewart kid.. at any rate, I think I might actually pick up this read! This necklace represents the two souls inside of the body, and like.. any ways, it's really cool, and I love it, and I'm a sucker for things with a lot of meaning behind it, so.. yeah, love, and worth a pick up! Make sure to visit this event and see the awesome creativity of some of the SL designers in the grid. For sure more to come on this throughout the week. 


Skin: Essences Clover 01 *sunkissed* brunette
Hair: [LeLutka]-LIVELY hair S - Bournville
Head Piece:  .Olive. the Captivaing Headdress for Love Donna Flora
Necklace: Lark - Mirrored Souls - Necklace for Seraphim Social
Top: Lark - Eva Bustier - Love (Pink) for Love Donna Flora
Monkey: *MishMish* Lavender Monkey - Holdable for Love Donna Flora
Bracelet1: [okkbye] Wood Bracelet - Religion: Dark Wood
Bracelet2: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold
Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts ~ Black
Pose: *[Starry Heaven]* Kyoko 5

On the Backdrop:

Beach Set: Adirondack set  from ***MnM Designs***
Floaties: Sway's Swim Ring [Quack] in Orange and Pink
Rock: Sway's Engraved Stone [Flora] single for Love Donna Flora


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