Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sooner or Later

Sweet Disposition

Okay, so today.. There's no rambling. I think. I don't know. When I blog I just type whatever comes to my mind and hope people can make sense of it. I don't literally have a plan, I don't know, I guess I want you guys to know me for whom I am, not because I'm trying to just say "LOOK! PRETTY STUFF TO GO BROKE ON!" Which.. I mean.. come on.. the hair and the outfit.. totally deserves to be bought, but.. still, I guess to me blogging is more than that, I try to bring a bit of myself into every post and hope that you guys enjoy the quirky mess that is me. Well, sometimes is emo, but whatever. I'm over the emo, time for fuuuuun! So.. I went today to Fameshed, because.. I was a bad blogger and hadn't gone. And I drooled over the new hair. I was sad truth hasn't put their stuff out, or Lame Furniture, since I'm a huge fan of theirs, but.. whatevers. Replaced by Wasabi pills. I'm lately all about the poof like that, with the headband holding it back. maybe because I'm a dork and I love all things headbands *HINT HINT TO ANY DESIGNER OUT THERE! MORE PLS! TY!* So.. yeah.. Of course I grabbed the pack in a heart beat. Then I walked around.. and fell in love with Cracked Mirrors release, and I had to buy it as well. I mean.. it's sooo cute D: I also had to blog it because I feel like.. I don't know, this represents my style really well, very comfortable and casual, but pretty, and I wish more designers would do things like this, because.. well, I do bring a huge part of myself and personality into SL, so to me it's important to look a bit like myself, or keep an essences of myself in my avatar. So props to Cracked Mirror for this, honestly, very well done, my only complain is that the pink is a little dark, and I wish there were more combinations of the colors. LIKE TEAL. But then again, like.. I'm obsessed with that color. TEAL AND BLACK! Honestly, I'd just throw linden for that, a teal over the top tank, layered over a black one. So happy. And then one with a white one on the bottom. Can this be done? Please? Well, I rambled waaayyyy longer than I wanted to, so I'm just going to jump to credits. Enjoy guys! And head over to famashed for more fabness! 


Skin: Essences Clover *Sunkissed*
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tanya Mesh Hair - Chocolate for Fameshed
Jewelry: Noodles - Eliana Necklace Hematite/Moonstone
Glasses: Noodles - Tegan Sunglasses Black
Tank Top: (CM) Layered Tank (pink/blue) for Fameshed
Skirt: (CM) Bouny Jean Skirt (light blue) for Fameshed
Feet: [Gos] Boutique - Barefeet - Flat
Flip Flops: [Gos] Boutique - FlipFlops - Black
Pose: !Bang F*S Pack A3


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