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Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know

Okay! So... I'm really excited, recently a lot of things have been happening to the blog. Way more hits, and I've got two major stores that took me in as a blogger now, and I couldn't be more thrilled! Essences, and Trompe Loeil. These are two of my all time favorite stores, so it's a pretty huge big deal for me, and an honor, and I've actually gotten to talk to both Inka and Cory, and they're both so sweet! I love that, like when you meet a designer, and they're actually.. not cocky and all weird, but down to earth and really fun to talk to. So.. yeah, tears have been shed a little, specially when I got my invite for Covert Affairs, and.. Umm... big stuff! I never in a million years thought that blogging would be such a big part of my sl life and my life, but it turns out that my passion for pictures, trying to network and get out of my shell, and trying to grow as a person has worked, and I am ever so thrilled. I mean, I've changed a lot from the time I started blogging. It's pretty funny, this person, his name is James, James and I were close friends way back in the day when I started blogging. Then drama, and angry blow ups, but when we started talking again, like.. literally yesterday over one of my you tried stars, I just.. let everything go, I mean, I have changed, why can't others? So even when the cautionary tales came, I was like.. woah, chill, 1. I'm not marrying the dude, 2. what's wrong with giving someone a chance? You can't ever change if no one gives you a chance or just craps all over your parade! So.. I did it. And so far, you know what? I'm glad, I am laughing, I'm having fun, and there's no drama. Okay, yeah, with all the cautionary tales and crap I'm cautious, but I'm enthusiastic, because.. I'd rather have a friend, than an awkward enemy. So that's why I decided to do Berry's challenge on him, and then doing a couple others, maybe, we'll see! I for sure want to introduce you all to Clio Clary, who's like.. my best friend ever in SL. So yes! Here we go guys! 

 Sash Arabello: First off, in Berry's page, she says hi. So say hi.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Hi

Sash Arabello: okay, so, how long have you been in SL?
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Since late  2005

Sash Arabello: Holy crap you're old. Lol. So in all that time, what have you done with your SLife?
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): I started off in the club scene where I performed as a DJ which later evolved into me owning a couple clubs of my own. After that, I joined up with the gaming community of second life which engaged in various activities - but consisting mostly of just shooting things. That got boring after a while though, and I made my final stop right in the popular roleplay community known as the Crack Den
Sash Arabello: homg you're so formal, just.. chillax lol, be you
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): I'm being interviewed fool. I can't help it!
Sash Arabello: bish, pls.

Sash Arabello: okay, so what keeps making you come back to SL?
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): I guess it's just the freedom of all the things I can do in SL along with the great people I can meet here!

Sash Arabello: okay, I'm totally copying her questions, cus I suck, so sorry when Berry reads this, but whatever. So what do you like the best about SL?
Legion Afterthought: Pretty much the same thing I said above - I can do literally anything I like and explore the little bit of creativity I have. XD

Sash Arabello: kay, this is the fun question, what are some of your favorite stores?
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): I don't do that much shopping but when I do, truth, FATEwear, and Hoorenbeek are the places I check first.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): That answer makes me want to make a meme
Sash Arabello: rofl
Sash Arabello: ogod that was perfect for that beer guy rofl
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Lmao
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Exactly!
Sash Arabello: rofl

Sash Arabello: so what has SL taught you?
Sash Arabello: damn it Weaver, after just our past, this answer better be good
[19:03] James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Hmm..I suppose you could say SL is where most of my social life has been..as pathetic that may be XD but I've seemed to age in maturity in here the very way a child does in RL. I started out immature: rude, a huge troll, and so many other names I could use to explain my former self. Thanks to my experience here,:I've finally learned how to move past that and act proper in social situations. That is more than likely the biggest of lessons I got while in SL!
Sash Arabello: HEY! Nothing wrong with trolling... >> I do it.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Is that good enough for yee!?
Sash Arabello: aww, you being so nice and sweet <3 I feel like an idiot doing this. LOL.
Sash Arabello: actually half the time I blog I feel like an idiot, regardless!
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Well there is a such thing as too much trolling! XD
Sash Arabello: PFT.
Sash Arabello: Lies.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Okay, go on a trolling rampage for a week then. ;)
Sash Arabello: FRECK YEAH

Sash Arabello: Okay, so.. is there anyone in SL that like.. you miss? Someone might have left, or whatever, tell us a story Weaver.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): That's hard to say since all my friends I had way back are still in SL to this day..except one person, now that I think about it! When I was part of that gaming/shooting community mentioned above, there was one group I remained consistently dedicated to until it's fall when their leader was falsely banned from SL entirely. He was by fat the best leader I've ever come across in SL. Creative, intelligent, and when the other leaders insisted on involving politics and drama into their groups, LEO Damone (the aforementioned leader) didn't give in and allowed for the group to maintain a cool atmosphere. If you take a look at my profile, you will see a group named Valkyrie Veterans - that's the group I made in nemoriam of the group that was led by LEO
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): YOU WANTED A STORY
James Weaver (legion.afterthought) points
Sash Arabello: ISAW

Sash Arabello: so! Last but not least, you have to say why I'm awesome
Sash Arabello nods
Sash Arabello: this is crucial
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): I'm awesome cause I said so.
James Weaver (legion.afterthought): Exactly, and I'm explaining why I'm awesome. Not you.
Sash Arabello cries
James Weaver (legion.afterthought) hugs
Sash Arabello: mean, lol <3

And now that you've met my friend, it's time for the goodies. Today I decided to do a home blog. Home blogs are hard because.. well.. it's a lot of work and editing, and after slaving myself for two days, I'm actually pretty proud of what I have to show you guys. Trompe has a lot of new stuff out, which made me feel in such a gardeny mood that I just had to make a garden blog.. my first one every so.. be gentle! The Challenge's theme for this month is also the Garden, so with a couple of the things I snatched from them, and Trompe's new releases, I was able to make a get away place, somewhere only we know! I'm also sorry for the length of this post.. normallly they're wayyyyy shorter, I know! But.. this has lots of important informations!

Somewhere Only We Know

Lark - Summer Night Gazebo (11 li) for the Box
.lame - Kyle's Rug (Flowers) (2 li)
!! Follow US !! Garden dining (15 li) for The Challenge

Somewhere Only We Know

Trompe Loeil - Pergola Open Wall Lights Brown Low (17 li) for Fameshed
Trompe Loeil - Countryside Patio Bench With Pillow Brown (3 li ea) for Fameshed

Somewhere Only We Know

Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Chair/Blanket Linen (3 li)
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Couch/Pillows Linen (4 li)
fri.home -  border rug (1 li)
floorplan. broken coffee table (2 li)
*Second Spaces* backgammon set (1 li)
*Second Spaces* domino set (1 li)
*Second Spaces* marble checkers (1 li)

Somewhere Only We Know

.lame - Maiko's Cuddle Rug (PG) (4 li)
Trompe Loeil - Countryside Patio Table Brown (1 li) for Fameshed
Trompe Loeil - Countryside Patio Chair Brown (1 li each) for Fameshed
fri.home -  border rug (1 li)

Somewhere Only We Know

Trompe Loeil - Country Pavillion White With Fireplace (44 li) for Fameshed
Somewhere Only We Know

Skin: Essences ~ Opera 04 *Sunkissed*
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kerri 2 - LightBrowns02Fade
Headphones: (fd) Radio Headphones - Glitter Pink RARE
Shirt: Blueberry Tyr *Mesh* Knotted T-Shirt Black
Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XXS/XS/S/M/L) ~ Graffitikat
Leggings: Tee*fy Soft Wool Jersey Leggings Black
Boots: (fd) Bossy Boots - Plain Blue
Pose: Diesel Works Beth1

On James (Individual pic coming soon, promise!)

Outfit: FATEwear Suit - Willard - Void
Skin: *Birth* Elixir Skin (tanned) clean
Eyes: Pulse Eyes Marcel #6
Scar: R.Bayn Scar Version 3
Eyepatch: Spike's eye patch
Hair: >TRUTH< Liam - espresso


Strawberry Singh said...

Ok first of all, great interview and I don't mind that you stole my questions at all, lol. And second of all, I absolutely love the images in this post. The first one is just exceptional and I also adore the one of you alone in the headphones, you look beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on becoming a blogger for Essences and Trompe, those are two great stores!

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